Showing of Documentary Called Blood Brother

Could you give up everything you've worked for and move halfway around the globe to take care of sick kids? I know I probably couldn't. Rocky Braat did.

I am a senior at Stevenson High School and I'm hosting a showing of a documentary called Blood Brother. It is the story of Rocky Braat, a young man from Pittsburgh who was working his way up in his field. He felt that he wasn't doing anything meaningful. During an impromptu trip to India, Rocky stumbled upon an AIDS orphanage in Chennai. He soon moved there, taking only a suitcase of toys. Rocky lives with the same amenities as everyone else in his village and takes care of the kids, all of which are HIV positive, every day.

The documentary is filmed and directed by Rocky's best friend from Pittsburgh, Steve Hoover, who was shocked when Rocky decided to devote his life to HIV positive kids halfway around the world. Hoover said in a director's statement (http://www.bloodbrotherfilm.com/_press/pk_BB.pdf), “I was inspired to tell his story because I know him. I know he isn’t a saint or a miracle worker, but every day he fights his own nature and the forces arrayed against him, and I think that maybe this story could inspire others, as well.” He has succeeded in creating an inspiring documentary, which won two awards at Sundance, and which made me think, “If Rocky can take care of these kids every day, then can't I host a showing?”

Although the situation these kids are in is intense, they are optimistic and extremely adorable. The movie has a number of sad moments, but it is also about the happiness that the kids bring to Rocky and that Rocky brings to the kids. In case anyone is wondering if the movie is appropriate for kids, I would say that it is borderline. There is no vulgar language and not much of the film is disturbing. However, a few kids die.

All of the proceeds from Blood Brother will be donated to the children seen in the film as well as other HIV/AIDS organizations. There is also a donation option on the page where tickets can be bought. I need to sell at least fifty tickets for the event to happen. This a great way to help people, and all you have to do is watch a great movie! Don't get scared away because I'm in high school; everyone is welcome.

The showing of Blood Brother is on November 20 from 6:30-8:13 pm (I had to set this up on a weekday because weekends are busy for movie theaters) at AMC Showplace Vernon Hills. Tickets are $11 each. Tickets can only be bought online and before November 13. Site where you can buy tickets and watch an entertaining trailer: https://www.tugg.com/go/rljgt


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