Upcoming Living Kidney Donors Network Webinar

The fear of asking someone to donate a kidney is one of the greatest barriers for pursuing a living kidney donor. Patients rarely need to ask directly, what they do need to do is to tell their story. If you are effective in telling your story, it’s clear what your need is. Living donors say they volunteered to donate once they heard about their family member or friend’s need.

Living Kidney Donors Network (www.LKDN.org) and the Alliance for Paired Donation (www.paireddonation.org) are teaming up and offering a webinar to help those who need a kidney transplant.

The webinar has two goals: educate those attending about living kidney donation and help them develop a Kidney Kampaign to make it easier to let others know about their situation.

Anyone who needs, or will need a kidney transplant will benefit from the seminar. If there is someone that wants to help you spread the word about your situation, we call them Advocates, ask them to sign up for the webinar or have them attend with you.

The webinar is FREE. You can attend the webinar by using any computer that has broadband internet access. If you don’t have access to the internet, you could listen to the presentation via the telephone. To learn more about the webinar and to register, go to: www.lkdn.org/workshops-webinars/index.html       


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