Long Time Community Leader, Dr. Jim Warren, Dies

Police Commissioner and former District 113 Superintendent never stopped serving Deerfield.

Selflessness and community commitment were traits local residents attributed to Deerfield Police Commissioner and former Township High School District 113 Superintendent . Warren died Nov. 3. He was 70. The cause was cancer. 

While superintendent of and as a consultant after his retirement in 1994, Warren devoted his life to helping others achieve their goals and success. “His mantra was always ‘what is in the best interest of the kids,’” Warren’s wife Linda Warren said. 

Whether he was serving the schools or the Village of Deerfield, he was always trying to further the efforts of others. 

“Of the 38 sworn officers on our police force Jim Warren was responsible for the hiring or promotion of 25 of them,” said at Tuesday’s Village Board meeting. 

After his retirement, Warren and some others started a company to design computer applications to help school districts and other organizations evaluate personnel so their compensation can be tied to their efforts. 

“He was others centered. It was never about Jim,” Linda Warren said. “He advocated for women getting ahead in the work place. He wanted everyone to succeed.” 

Not only did Warren start a business and become a consultant in 1994, but after three years of retirement he joined the in 1997. He remained an active participant for the rest of his life. 

“He never left a meeting without saying ‘thank you for the work you do for the community,’” said. “He was always doing his best for the Police Department and the community.” 

Sliozis first got to know Warren when he was part of the department’s investigative unit and Warren was superintendent of District 113. “You wouldn’t find a person more professional and more courteous when I walked in the doors of the high school,” Sliozis said. 

remembers Warren’s efforts for Highland Park and Deerfield High Schools. 

“Jim Warren was a superior leader,” Cohen said at a board meeting Monday. “He guided District 113 toward academic excellence by forming strong personal relationships with all staff members, regardless of their role in the District. He firmly believed that it was crucial to develop a strong trust and that open communication was vital.” 

Warren was born Oct. 2, 1941, in Ashland, WI, before the family moved to Richland, WA. In 1954, while an eighth grader, he met Linda Bowman who later became his wife of 48 years. They married in 1963 after they both graduated from the University of Puget Sound. 

“We became friends at 13 and dated until we were married in 1963 when we graduated college,” Linda Warren said. 

Warren began a teaching career in 1965 near Seattle before becoming a school administrator in Cedar Rapids where he eventually became a high school principal before earning his Doctorate in Education from the University of Indiana in 1974. 

From Indiana, Warren started his first stint at District 113 in 1974 as an assistant superintendent living in Highland Park. He left District 113 in 1978 to assume the helm at District 227 in Olympia Fields where he presided over three high schools. 

In 1983, Warren returned to District 113 as superintendent settling in Deerfield. He remained in that role until his retirement in 1994. 

In addition to his wife Linda, Warren is survived by his children, James W. “Chip” (Cathy Lee) Warren, Katherine (Jerry) Albrecht and Scott (Cindy) Warren. He had six grand children. They are Kay Warren, Sara Warren, Steven Warren, Savannah Albrecht, Michael Warren and Justin Albrecht. 

Warren is also survived by brothers David (Ellen) Warren and Charlie (Jan) Warren. His sister, Dorothy (Michael) Berkson preceded him in death. He is also survived my many nieces and nephews.

A memorial service will be held at 2 p.m. Nov. 19 at the Highland Park Presbyterian Church in Highland Park In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to the District 113 Foundation in Highland Park and the Midwest Palliative & Hospice Care Center in Glenview.

Daniel Krudop November 10, 2011 at 01:08 PM
“Of the 38 sworn officers on our police force Jim Warren was responsible for the hiring or promotion of 25 of them,” Mayor Harriet Rosenthal said at Tuesday’s Village Board meeting. The Mayor requested a moment of silence for Dr. Warren at the Board Meeting. I happened to think at the time that the Mayor was fortunate that our State Representative, Karen May, was not at the meeting. She more than likely would have objected. As she proudly stated in an email on legislation, "I am a co-sponsor of HB 293 which would repeal the law requiring a “moment of silence” in public schools. I believe that the law was ill-conceived and I opposed it. I believe that the law comes inappropriately close to the line between church and state." I emailed Rep. May, requesting her comments on all the "moments of silence" held in NASA facilities (U.S. Government) when Rep Giffords' husband was in orbit. I also asked her position on the actual prayers offered on the Capitol steps by Members of Congress of behalf of Rep. Giffords and other victims of that shooting. The public cannot offer prayers or even say the Pledge of Allegiance on those steps. Who wants to bet me that she chose not to respond?
Barbara Ramsey West November 12, 2011 at 01:02 PM
Dr. Warren was responsible for me getting my second school superintendency, and he remained a mentor to me for the rest of my career. He was a wonderful human being and a real gentleman in the old sense of the word. He will be truly missed by so many!
Barbara Morton November 12, 2011 at 05:23 PM
We were graciously invited to a family game night at the Warren's and the guys went downstairs to watch a football game. Jim gave Donald his favorite chair to sit in and watch the game for the evening.
Loren Saxby November 17, 2011 at 12:04 AM
Jim was one of my Assistant Principals at Morgan Jr High in the Shoreline School District in Washington State. It was his first administrative post. He always had a great positive attitude. If any difficult task came up, Jim would say: " let me do it I need the experience. " It is no supprise to me that that he succeeded wherever he went. Loren Saxby


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