Southwest Highland Park Neighbors Come Together

About 150 Southwest Highland Park (SWHP) neighbors gathered in Woodridge Park at for the First Annual Southwest Highland Park ‘Picnic in the Park' on Sept. 9.

The information below comes from SWHP.

On Sunday, September 9, about 150 Southwest Highland Park (SWHP) neighbors gathered in the area’s Park District of Highland Park, Woodridge Park at 150 Barberry Road for the First Annual Southwest Highland Park ‘Picnic in the Park.’

The casual picnic is part of an on-going grass root effort to foster a tight-knit sense of community. The idea of the picnic began with lifetime SWHP resident, Samantha Stolberg.

"I kept hearing from neighbors about the need to come together and encourage community. This seemed like an easy way to help the effort along,” Stolberg said.

Residents enjoyed an afternoon filled with conversation, connecting with new and old friends, children playing on the new playground equipment, tennis, basketball and a potluck dessert table. Flyers, phone calls, emails and the neighborhood Facebook page, managed by Stolberg and 15-year neighborhood resident Alyssa Knobel, informed SWHP residents about the picnic.

"Our Facebook page has become an effective way to communicate with each other about events, emergencies, general neighborhood news and also put the nearby Crossroads and Briergate businesses in touch with their resident neighbors,” explained Knobel.  She added “It is another way to bring the neighborhood together.” 

The SWHP Facebook page is open for posts relevant to SWHP. Any residents or business member of the group may post. Along with resident and government posts, Crossroads Car Wash, Craftwood, Blue Grass Restaurant and Mizrahi Grill have taken advantage of the page to promote specials and events.

Stolberg added, "We're just trying to get back to that old-school concept of a neighborhood.  A real sense of community; a sense of belonging." Stolberg and Knobel encourage SWHP residents and businesses to get involved, join and post on the Facebook Group at http://www.facebook.com/SouthwestHP.

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Larry Jones September 18, 2012 at 02:05 AM
It would have been nice if all residents in the area were notified of this
Tellinit September 18, 2012 at 05:55 AM
Please... I live about 10 houses down from the Park. Never heard a word about it. No flyer, nothing. Politics in HP nothing more. Lived here 35 years, has not changed.
Samantha Stolberg September 18, 2012 at 02:06 PM
As the organizer of this casual event, I can assure you that politics had nothing to do with this gathering. There was notification on the SWHP Facebook page, as well as a grass-roots email effort to get people to attend. There were no "invites" per se, more of a word-of-mouth thing going on. Your use of the word "politics" implies that there were exclusions and omissions; this event was all about coming together and having a good time. The idea was to reach out to as many folks as we could the first year, and hopefully it will snowball into a huge annual event - that is the goal, of course. I actually didn't think we'd get such a strong turnout the first time, and am so pleased how well the word spread. Please go to the SWHP page if you're a Facebook user, it offers valuable posts on SWHP-relevant news, merchant and restaurant specials, and an opportunity to connect with your neighbors. If you're not on Facebook, please let me know and I can add you to a growing SWHP email list. We're also considering a Cold Snow & Hot Chocolate day in the park this winter. Not sure if you'll want to bundle up, but feel free to throw a snowball at me if you're still upset :) Samantha


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