Charming Charlie Leases Space in Former Borders

Construction to be completed by mid-summer.

Update May 20, 11:30 a.m.:

Space has been leased out of the former Borders at 595 Central Avenue.

Dino Dimitriou, who runs the property management business that includes the 27,000-square-foot former Borders, has signed a 10-year-lease with women's fashion accessories store Charming Charlie, according to Dimitriou's retail broker Jonathon Plotkin, a Highland Park resident.

"Women in town will love them," Plotkin said of the new stores. "Not sure if guys are going to be thrilled with them."

Plotkin, who is a managing partner at Endurance Retail Partners, said that the deal came together "the way all deals come together -- slowly and painfully."

"We are still smack in the middle of the economic deluge that swept over the retail and commercial real estate sector two years ago," Plotkin explained. "It's only now that these retailers are emerging and actively expanding. From that you're able to identify those who can operate successfully in suburban North Shore communities like Highland Park."

Charming Charlie will take up 7,000-square-feet in the building, according to Plotkin, who added that another deal within the building will hopefully be announced in the next two weeks.

A 3,300-square-feet retail space on the ground floor and a 4,500-square-feet office space on the second floor remain available.


The former Borders on Central Avenue , but anyone who's walked past it lately knows it no longer resembles the big bookstore it once was.

Construction crews have been seen doing work on the property across the street from Port Clinton Square throughout the week. According to Highland Park Deputy City Manager Patrick Brennan, permits have been pulled so that the space can be divided up into separate rental areas.

Brennan is unaware of who may be coming into the new areas as a leasee. 

"We are anxious to hear the news," the Deputy City Manager said in an email.

If anyone happens to know who might be leasing out the space in the old Borders building, post it here or email jacob@patch.com

Charles Berman - HP NEWS May 19, 2011 at 11:53 PM
The Highland Park News knows who is moving in. A lease was signed today... http://highlandpark.suntimes.com/5476803-417/boutique-coming-to-highland-park-borders-site.html Check it out!
Issac June 05, 2011 at 06:38 PM
Rumor has it Lovers Lane is renting out the store next to Charming Charlie.
Robert F June 15, 2011 at 11:54 AM
Great news! Maybe Peter can buy a new station wagon now!!!!


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