Kids 'Reach' for Benefits of Yoga on North Shore

Reach Yoga offers classes for kids ages four through teenagers — and even the youngest can enjoy the mental and physical benefits of yoga.

Photo used with permission from Reach Yoga
Photo used with permission from Reach Yoga
By Paula Skaggs

In today's busy world, even kids need time to relax — and Reach Yoga in Glencoe offers special children's yoga classes to give them a chance to do so. Reach Yoga offers classes for kids from ages four through teenagers. 

"Kids love it," said Reach owner Christy O'Brien. "The big thing that they love is really the opportunity to rest in Savasana, the final resting pose of the class."

Even young children can feel the benefits of yoga, such as improved concentration, the ability to find calmness, physical health and a positive body image.  

"Kids are so stimulated these days," said Julie Wilcox, who teaches a youth yoga class at Reach, and also teaches first grade special education at Crowe Island Middle School. "I also teach in school, and there are lots of kids with attention issues."

Wilcox noted that the yoga classes give kids a chance to just calm down. 

Reach Yoga offers several classes for kids — Itty Bitty Yogis is for kids ages four through six, Little Yogis is for first and second graders, Kids' Yoga is for third and fourth graders, and T(w)een Yoga is for fifth through eighth graders. Teens over the age of 13 can join regular yoga classes, and teens and young adults (up to age 23) can take classes at a reduced rate. 

"I think that kids love to jump around and play, and they just really appreciate setting time aside to just rest," O'Brien said. [At first] it was surprising, but it's not once I thought it through." 

To learn more about children's yoga, as well as yoga for kids at heart, visit Reach's website here

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