Marla's Sweet Bites Closes

The downtown cupcake spot has officially shuttered its doors—what is your reaction?

After , downtown Highland Park's has shuttered its doors.

The upscale cupcake shop had "specialized in extra-large cupcakes with multiple fillings such as the strawberry lemonade that features lemon cake with strawberry butter cream. The shop will also stock standard-sized cupcakes, tiny “wee cakes,” whoopee pies and cake pops."


Highland Park Patch is asking for the community's reaction on Facebook or in the comments below.

So far one reader, Gordy Kenmuir, has shared his thoughts:

"Honestly I think the whole cupcake fad was over-rated anyway, though in a high end town like HP one would have thought it might last longer. I do wonder though, given that Highland Park might tend towards a generally older demographic, if cupcakes were the right thing?"

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Molly July 03, 2012 at 12:00 PM
It's unfortunate when anyone has to close their business.
forest barbieri August 17, 2012 at 03:34 AM
Agree that it is unfortuante when any business goes under but it ties back to the concept, execution and math. This particular place opened with great fanfare along with their concept of some super sized sweet stuff in the middle of the cupcake immediately locked in battle with the cupcake shop across the street as well as several other "sweet" places that opened up shortly after. While we are no stanger to cupcakes, loving the Bent Fork and Baker Boys. I can easily see why they failed. We tried it shortly after it opened and found the cupcakes seemingly filled with artificial ingredients and vastly overpriced. In addition, my kids did not like the taste and we never returned. Perhaps if they had focused more on determining and adjusting to consumer tastes and preferences and less on their own percieved amazing product as well as researched optimum pricing they would have done better. Nonetheless, we appreciate the effort and wish them the best.
Hatz September 19, 2012 at 06:41 PM
It might also have to do with their marketing skills. I went to Marla's bakery on their opening night. My daughter had to sing there together with her Glee club from her elementary school. I was waiting by the back door, together with my other little child. A lady/employee passed by with a big tray of cupcakes. My little one asked if he could have one. I asked the lady if she would sell me one for my little son. She said they are not for sale, but for the party that was going on in there. I asked if my child can have one. She said that they are only for the guests. The performing children from the Glee, all received one small cupcake each at the end, but the bakery was not able to give one to an accompanying sibling. What kind of bakery would not be able to spare a cupcake for a little child, on their opening night? I have never returned to Marla's bakery ever again!


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