Poll Results: Readers Want Theater in Deerfield

Survey shows overwhelming support for making Deerbrook temporary home of Landmark Theater during renovation.

Patch readers expressed strong support for a temporary relocation of Highland Park’s Landmark Theater during a three-month renovation to Deerbrook’s shuttered movie house.

Of the 36 readers who responded, 29 want to see the temporary move while seven are opposed, according to an unscientific survey started Feb. 18.

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Management from Deerbrook has yet to respond to Patch about the suggestion while a spokesperson for Landmark was not able to offer any further information. Meanwhile some readers expressed skepticism about the plan.

“If the theatre in downtown HP is a fire hazard and has been open as recently as last year, how will the Deerbrook theatre be ready and able to be a temporary home?” Steve writes. “Personally I still believe that the HP Theatre that is closed should be renovated and reopened for multi use.”

Carol likes the thought and believes it will be good for Deerbrook. “It would be nice to have a movie theater back in Deerfield,” She writes. “It might help to renew interest in the mall.

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I agree about the seats, sound, screen and refreshments, but that mall is cursed. Now if you make "Wonder" into a family entertainment center (like gameworks or Dave&Buster) now your talking. I think a lot of people have lost interest in that armpit of Deerfield. How about my forest preserve idea with a drive in theatre? Oh, the old twin drive in movie theatre in wheeling. My mullet would blow in the wind as I shotgunned a beer while watching "Pretty Women". High school was fun back then:)
Rich M February 25, 2013 at 04:54 PM
For nostalgic reasons, I would go to one more show at Deerbrook. But it was a lousy theater and I would think a ton of work would need to be done to get it up and running again. But who knows?
Redhead February 25, 2013 at 05:20 PM
Too bad there need to be renovations at the Renaissance but that is what it is. That said, for those who love film, it is the only theater around here with movies that aren't all mainstream and aimed at kids and adults from 4 to 40. If it would be possible for Deerbrook to host Renaissance for 3 months, that would be great. It doesn't seem that Deerfield has made any definitive decisions at this point anyway and it isn't likely that demolition and building would begin within the next 4 months anyway. If they don't relocate temporarily, we'll just go to Evanston or Glanview,!
Hilary Elizabeth Winiarz February 25, 2013 at 05:41 PM
I do think Deerbrook is a bit cursed, but I can't help but think that nostalgia alone would bring people in to a renovated Deerbrook Movie Theatre, regardless of what name it's under. I'd imagine that all kinds of code for the long abandoned place will have to be addressed, but I really would support a renovated theatre there.
A concerned DHS Parent February 25, 2013 at 07:06 PM
Seriously. It would take longer to get the Deerbrook theaters ready for occupancy than the remodeling on the HP theaters is going to take. The Deerbrook theaters have been empty for 5,10 or more years?


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