Revisionist legend Banned in Highland Park: 208 S by Hammerli/SIG

The next legendary pistol derived from the Walther Olympia is the Hammerli 208 S.  This gun, primarily but not exclusively for competition use, was developed after Hammerli was acquired by SIG (Switzerland).  Some changes had been made previously , rendering trigger pull and force adjustment easier.  These are found in the 215, and the wide-triggered 208 guns.  In the S model, the features of the SAKO Tri-Ace permitting full adjustment of trigger position, and a 2 stage trigger if desired were added.  The trigger guard was enlarged, as well.  Replacement of some internal springs also is easier on the S model.

Whether the gun is better than the standard 208 is a matter of preference.  Many have returned to the original 208, but in the USA, the S model remains "higher regarded" although perhaps not with good basis.  The competition scores with the S model have not reached the level of the 208 at the highest level, but are comparable except for that.

The older 208 guns did have a problem with frame cracking, which was extremely rare in Europe and slightly more common here.  That problem has not been as frequent in the S models, but that may simply be a matter of the S model being about 20-25 years newer on average. 

From the standpoint of the person using the gun, the adjustable trigger position and the 2 stage trigger are the main differences.  For target and competition use, for many decades, the 2 stage trigger was viewed as a disadvantage.  The design itself was intended as a safety mechanism in military and combat use to help prevent accidental firing.  However, in recent years, it has been considered useful in target use as well. 

For comparison, the GSP offers two trigger versions, both of which are adjustable for position.  The AW93 and SAKO TriAce do so as well. The TriAce probably was the first such gun to offer this, in the early 1980s.  The GSP is available with one or two stage triggers, as different modules. 

The 208 S models at the exhibition are NOT the ones imported by SigArms USA, and differ slightly from that one, only with regard to the safety.

The one shown has a 280 gram weight.  80 gram weights also will be available, and the gun can be used without weights if desired, or with a scope mount.

As with the 208, for technical reasons, this gun may be classified as a banned assault weapon.  As with the 208, this classification depends on a highly technical aspects of the Highland Park ordinance, and problems in vagueness of its wording when one tries to apply it to actual firearms.

Even if banned in Highland Park, that ban does not in general preclude a Highland Park resident from purchasing this gun at the exhibition, if the individual otherwise is qualified to do so.
Running55 July 03, 2014 at 11:17 AM
Highland park is truest a great american town to raise a family. The trustees are true patriots for being leaders in reasonable gun control. My hats off to them.
Walter White July 03, 2014 at 11:39 AM
Thanks for reminding everyone of the HP AWB again!
alan donahue July 03, 2014 at 07:46 PM
My boyfriend is always impressed by the weapon in my pants. He says I'm basically always concealed carry. So what is Highland Park going to do to stop me from packing such tremendous heat? What is "the man" going to do to come down on me? Don't tread on me HP authorities, or I'll give you a *HARD* time.


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