Dozens Help Renovate Affordable Housing Home

Community Partners for Affordable Housing partners with First Bank of Highland Park for volunteer day.

Despite dreary weather, dozens turned out for Community Partners for Affordable Housing's Service Day held Sept. 18 at a home the organization is rahabbing in Highland Park. The event was sponsored by

Community Partners for Affordable Housing is a nonprofit that strives to provide affordable housing for local low income families. The organization typically buys homes in need of some care, rehabs them, and then sells them at a price significantly under market value. In order for a family to qualify for a home they must not earn more than 80 percent of the median income for the area.

"A lot of people who buy homes through the program have very compelling stories," said . Anthony stated many buyers who use the organization have lost a child or spouse recently or have disabilities.  Sometimes people having gone through a divorce seek out Community Partners when they realize they can no longer afford to continue raising their children in the area.

The work earlier this month at Community Partners' newest home in Highland Park was part of a Service Day done in conjuction with First Bank of Highland Park. First Bank made a sizeable donation to Community Partners and provided a group of employees to help clear out the property.

"We're a locally owned bank. We're not just a community bank but we're community minded," said Randy Green, President of First Bank of Highland Park.

Most of the labor Sunday involved ripping out drywall, fixtures, flooring, overgrown foliage, and all else in the home that needed to be cleaned up or replaced.  When the home is finished and sold to a family it will be Community Partners' 38th home in Highland Park.

Terri Olian October 01, 2011 at 09:48 PM
CPAH adds greatly to the fabric of our community. If you aren't familiar with the organization, please visit CPAH's website at http://www.cpahousing.org/


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