Want to See the Lake Forest Editor Eat RUB's Hungry Home Wrecker?

Highland Park Patch has challenged Lake Forest Patch to see who can get more Facebook "likes" in two weeks. If Highland Park wins, the Lake Forest editor will attempt to eat downtown Highland Park's 7-lb sandwich.

It's the holiday season, which means there's a little too much camaraderie in the air.

In an effort to make things a little more contentious, I have challenged Lake Forest-Lake Bluff Patch editor Paula Skaggs to see who can get more "likes" on Facebook in two weeks. 

If I win, Paula has agreed to attempt to eat Real Urban Barbecue's Hungry Home Wrecker, a seven pound sandwich that has been attempted by many and successfully eaten by only one (on his way from one food eating contest to another, no less).

If Lake Forest gets more Facebook "likes," then I have agreed to attempt to eat 15 cheese dogs from Left Bank in Lake Forest*. We cannot allow this to happen.

Of course, you shouldn't just like Highland Park Patch on Facebook for the glory. "Liking" Patch means you get access to news updates on developing stories, pictures from around the community and a chance to join the discussion about what's going on in Highland Park.

Mostly, though, you should "like" Patch to see Paula try to eat a seven-pound sandwich. Just click the "like" button above before Dec. 17 and you're on your way to making that happen.

Once the contest is over, we will be taking photos of the loser's attempt to eat either sandwich or hotdog. And you're more than welcome to come watch as well.

*I have no idea if 15 hot dogs weighs seven pounds, but it seemed like an equally daunting challenge. 

Editor's note: The contest has been extended from Dec. 13 to Dec. 17.


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