Readers Talk Rosewood Beach, BBQ and Toilets

Residents, plumbers, restauranteurs and more in Sunday's blog roundup.

There's been a lot going on in Highland Park Patch's Local Voices. Check out our weekly recap of the site's blogs (and if you're interested in blogging yourself, click here to start).

  • Rosewood Beach: After reading arguing against the Park District's plans to renovate Rosewood Beach, . "We can’t be shortsighted," she writes. "If we’re addressing basic infrastructure needs for Rosewood we can do more, we should. We should enhance the area with a multi-purpose year-round building which offers long-term flexibility and short term income - it’s a win for everyone."

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  • Food:  owner launched this week with a post about a trip he took to Kansas City to explore (what else) barbecue. Let's see if any secrets he brings back make their way into the -- though at 7 pounds, perhaps that sandwich has enough in it already.
  • Family: Amy Greenebaum continues her blog about raising a child with autism with a about the strong friendship between her son and one of his childhood classmates.
  • Politics: Rep. Robert Dold (R-Kenilworth) about his jobs agenda. "As a small business owner, I believe that the best ideas come when we work together and find common ground," he writes. The Congressman hopes to get more community involvement in his effort to "get America back to work."
  • Home: Have you and your toilet been properly introduced? That's the question . "We all use them, but knowing what the 'guts' of a toilet are can be confusing," she writes. "So, here is a crash course on your toilet."

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