Block-by-Block Highland Park: See Where the Rich Live in Expensive Homes

See which Highland Park neighborhoods are unique for what?

Click through on the links below to see what Highland Park looks like, by the numbers and by the block. They'll show you:

Which Parts of Highland Park Are Newly Rich?

This story shows a snapshot across town of the change between 2000 and 2011 in the percentage of people whose incomes are $200,000 or more.

Where Has Highland Park’s Commuting Gotten Worse?

This story shows a snapshot across town of how the average travel time to work from home changed between 2000-2011.

What Part of Highland Park Has the Most Homes Sold in a Month?

This story shows a snapshot of total homes sold in October across town.

What Part of Highland Park Has the Highest Home Listing Price?

Economists say the national home median listing price won’t increase as rapidly as it did in 2013. Look at a map below of the median home listing price across town.

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