Another Illinois Governor may be going to Prison soon. The Fed's are investigating Illinois Democrat Governor Pat Quinn, according to the Tribune and Sun Times. The staunch Anti-Gun Governor, is facing serious charges as he is going into a hotly contested Re-Election Campaign. It is known that Gov. Quinn has Pardoned over 700 people in his time as Governor, many of which had been Convicted of Election Fraud, according to the Sun Times. Will Gov. Quinn be sharing a Prison Cell with his Former Boss, Gov. Rod Blago? Only time will tell, but I won't miss Gov. Quinn, whether he goes to Prison or is just Booted out of Office, either is just fine with me. Where is our AG Lisa Madigan and why no investigation by her Office into these things? Hmmm
Dan Cox May 21, 2014 at 06:46 AM
This is the same Governor that employed Rep. Scott Drury to sell his Assault Weapons Ban, to Home Rule Communities... like Highland Park. This is the same Governor that was Lt. Governor under Rod Blago and has Pardoned over 700 people... including those convicted of Voter Fraud and the Charter School Officials. Hmmm


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