How to Adjust to a Tax Hike

Here's a novel suggestion to reduce your property taxes.

Last Monday, the city council approved of a 2011 budget that  by 2.51 percent. The reported that a homeowner with a home assessed at $600,000 will pay about $76 more in property taxes in 2011 than in 2010. 

This week, Highland Park Patch's Drew Lerman offers a novel suggestion to reduce that cost.

David Greenberg December 21, 2010 at 10:06 PM
The tongue-in-cheek comic aside, higher taxes often lead people to put off maintenance and other items on their own properties. This has a ripple effect which tends to lead to an overall decline in property value. Eventually the neighborhood declines so far that people leave, and it enters a downward spiral. It's happened in Cities all across the Country, it's why some people initially fled the Cities and moved to the 'burbs. Now that the 'burbs are unable to control their wanton spending, I guess we'll all have to migrate to the stix eh? OR, before that happens - we could, you know - vote out everyone who voted for this idiotic tax hike and send a message to the next bunch that what happened is unacceptable...


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