Patriotism...Highland Park vs. Highwood. The City of Highwood WINS!!!

What a difference in culture and in American Patriotism! I took my employees out for Lunch at The Mean Wiener in Highwood. OMG, in Highwood... the American Flags were everywhere. A fantastic demonstration of American Pride in our Armed Forces and in our way of life, here in the USA. The Highwood City Hall has more American Flags at its entryway... then the entire Downtown of the City of Highland Park. Thats right, the City of Highland Park has not demonstrated any respect for our Veterans on the week of Memorial Day. It is a sad fact, that the ONLY American Flags we could find in Highland Park were at the Flagpole on Central and another one hiding among the trees at City Hall... We can't really count the one at the Police Station, because its hidden from view on Deerfield Rd. placed out of view on the backside of the Police Station or the one hidden on the backside of the War Memorial on Central.  It is bizarre to see the contrast as you drive from Highwood into Highland Park, it is almost as though you are entering another country. Perhaps it is symbolic of the difference in the people of Highwood and Highland Park. In Highwood, the Constitution means something, in Highwood, selfless sacrifice means something and they embrace it and celebrate the honor, courage and integrity of our Veterans and Service Men and Women.  I Salute the City of Highwood and wish to Thank them for giving us such a fantastic display of Patriotism. Deerfield and Lake Forest also have wonderful displays of American Patriotism as well. It is a sad thing to see a City like Highland Park be so barren of American Flags and of American Patriotism, I feel sorry for the Resident Veterans of Highland Park, who must feel like their sacrifices have been ignored and forgotten. Is there even an active VFW Post in Highland Park? Is there an actual VFW Post, that is for our Veterans or do they have to use some other facility, because Highland Park is to damn cheap to support a Post for our Veterans. I saw a man standing at the War Memorial in Downtown Highland Park and he was very upset. I asked him if he were okay... and he said NO! "Look at this place, no flags, no ribbons, no flowers, its a God Damn disgrace!" He was a VietNam War Veteran and he left the Highland Park Memorial crying... I whole heartily agree, Highland Park is a God Damn Disgrace!
forest barbieri June 02, 2014 at 06:26 PM
Apparently there are some pretty hard feelings within his former platoon as it is alleged that he deserted his guard duty, laying down his weapon and walking off base. Further, there is discussion that he sent emails denouncing the war in Afghanistan just prior to that and at least 6 US soldiers were killed trying to find him. Obviously,where there is smoke there can be fire and no doubt this story will begin to come out. If indeed this is determined to be the case and Obama released high level terrorists to gain his freedom, that would really be unfortunate and another Obama foreign policy screw up. What's Obama's next move? Give Snowden a medal? Perhaps to back Neo Nazi's in Ukraine?
Dan Cox June 03, 2014 at 06:38 AM
Bring him to the families of the fallen Soldiers that died looking for him...let them decide what to do with him.
Running55 June 03, 2014 at 09:01 AM
Bring him to the mean streets of round lake...
Dan Cox June 03, 2014 at 06:29 PM
Did Donna say something, I thought I heard her telling us about how much she cares!


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