A Hair-Pulling Scuffle and 14 Fur Coats Swiped

A look at weird crimes throughout the Chicago area.

By Emily Stone and David MacLean

Homer Simpson strikes again

A man stole donuts from an Evanston gas station.

A hairy situation

A former bartender was arrested after allegedly getting into a hair-pulling scuffle with a former coworker at a Plainfield restaurant.

If I had a hammer … I'd steal a lot of fur coats

Fourteen fur coats were stolen from a Highland Park store after someone broke in with a hammer.

Instrumental crime

Police are investigating a delayed report of a theft which occurred sometime in November 2013. A clarinet was taken from the common room at Edgewood Middle School.

Ah, the old ‘probably shouldn't have’ defense

A Northfield police officer saw a Chevy Suburban parked at a construction site with its back doors open and construction equipment and metal pieces inside. The officer talked to the driver who admitted he probably shouldn't be taking anything from the site. The site’s manager said he wouldn’t press charges if the man returned anything he had taken.


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