UPDATE: Highland Park Boy Hit By SUV on Central Avenue

11-year-old in stable condition after surgery for broken leg and fractured skull.

Update 5/16:

Evanston Hospital released the 11-year-old boy this week who suffered a broken leg and fractured skull after beign struck by an SUV last Thursday on Central Avenue in downtown Highland Park, Pioneer Press reports.

Update 5/14:

Pioneer Press has new information about the Highland Park boy who was hit by an SUV Thursday on Central Avenue.

The 11-year-old was bicycling with a friend two blocks from his house when he was struck by a car driven by 41-year-old Highland Park resident Jennifer Foos, who lives in the 3100 block of Lexington Lane. 

Foos' husband, David, told Patch in an email that the boy was not wearing any protective gear.

"He was riding his bicycle through a very busy traffic area with no regard to his surroundings," David said in the email.

According Pioneer Press, the child waited till traffic had stopped before attempting to cross from south to north at Second Street. The driver was heading west from Second Street towards Green Bay Road. She was cited with failing to yield in the pedestrian right-of-way.

A witness and Foos both immediately tried to help the boy, who lost consciousness on the street, Pioneer Press reports. The boy, who lives at 1600 block Second Street, was transported to Evanston Hospital, where he underwent surgery for a broken leg and fractured skull. He's in stable condition.


A boy was transported to a hospital Thursday after getting hit by a vehicle while riding his bike along Central Avenue, Pioneer Press reports.

The vehicle struck the boy as he was nearing Second Street late Thursday afternoon. A witness told Pioneer Press that the boy's bicycle and one of the his shoes remained at the scene after he was taken to the hospital.

Janko Thalist May 24, 2011 at 08:16 PM
Hey PO, that's why this country we live in is so wonderful. It give us the freedom of speech to say whatever we want regardless of who it offends without being punished or jailed for it like in other countries. You also have the right to post anything you want which clearly you have towards everyone that posted something you don't agree with. It's ok, once again it's your right as an American to do just that. It's also my right to say that you have absolutely no clue what kind of person this Foos (father) is and my short but sweet post is dead on accurate on him. In closing on my right as an American, you yourself sound like a real piece of work, no wonder you're sticking up for this guy, you're as big a tool as he is. God Bless America!
Harry Steindler May 24, 2011 at 08:51 PM
What happened to being civil - assuming someone is innocent until proven guilty - having compassion for each other - assuming people have other's best interests at heart and understanding that horrible accidents happen? Let's all try to learn some lessons for ourselves - about our own driving, keeping ourselves and children safe when we can, and keep praying and hoping for a great receovery for the boy who was injured. I have no idea what the real facts are - I wasn't there - I know I personally will take more care at stop signs and in congested areas. And I'm not saying that Mrs. Foos didn't do everything right - again - I wasn't there - this is just a good opportunity to try to be a better driver myself.
Dan M. May 27, 2011 at 04:57 PM
PO - I think everyone understands that this was an accident and Mrs. Foos is deeply sorry and remorseful for what happend. But you're not helping the Foos family by attacking each person who made a comment you didn't like. In fact you're prepetuating the situation. You talk about people spreading rumors but what people were doing with their comments was SPECULATING about what may have happened. There's a difference, and people have a right to do that. I'm sure if you had no connection to Mrs. Foos you would have speculated yourself. You obviously have a close relationship with the Foos family even though you say you don't. How else would you know that "this is the worst this woman has ever felt in her life"? And any "rumors" out there about this situation regarding the husband, David are not rumors at all. He made those ridiculous comments on this site, all on his own about the boy having no regard for his his surrounds and not wearing a helmet. And then in another Mr. Foos comment where he ends it with "facts people". Stupid. Just stupid comments. How can you defend that PO? He deserves every nasty comment posted here. At least he had the sense to finally shut the heck up. Although I wonder how many times his wife had to scream at him to stop typing.
Dan M. May 27, 2011 at 05:01 PM
And another thing PO--- How can you also say "there is no blame"? Of course there is blame. When someone stops at a stop sign, then makes a right turn and gets into an accident with a pedestrian in the next crosswalk of the street they're turning onto, the blame is with the driver. You also state that "Mrs. Foos was NOT on the phone, NOT texting, and had no distractions whatsoever". Really??? No distractions? How do you know this??? And is that even possible at all? How else would this have happend? The boy ran into the driver's side front corner. Mrs. Foos HAD to have been distracted because she obviously didn't see the boy on his bike right in front of her on her left as she was turning. Listen, I agree with you about this being a terrible situation for both families. But there is blame and I'm sure it will be dealt with.
Dan M. May 27, 2011 at 06:27 PM
Does anyone know how the child is doing?


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