Female Deputy Wins Bias Lawsuit Against Sheriff’s Office

A jury ruled that the Lake Co. sheriff’s deputy was discriminated against because she was a woman.

A Lake County sheriff’s deputy won her lawsuit this week against the sheriff’s office for discriminating against her because she was a woman, based on her complaint that she was removed from her position as a canine officer and unfairly disciplined because of her gender, according to an article in The Chicago Tribune.

Heather Aldridge, 50, of Lake Bluff, has been with the department since 1997 and became a canine officer two years later, the article states. But after her dog partner retired, she and another female canine officer were told to reapply for the position despite male canine officers being allowed to automatically continue in their jobs.

The jury said she should get $750,000 but her attorney expected that would be reduced by about half, the article states.

You can read the full Tribune report here.


Linda Bernardi February 13, 2014 at 02:16 PM
Sorry, but it is after canine RETIRED, her and another female officer had to reapply. NOT died.
Emily Stone February 13, 2014 at 02:18 PM
You're correct, Linda. I fixed it. Thanks for letting me know.
Linda Bernardi February 13, 2014 at 02:34 PM
I for one and very proud of her for having the courage to stand up for all of us woman for not putting up with this kind of behavior and to be able to walk into work for the Sheriff's Dept Monday morning with her head held high. Tax payers need to remember this during the election. This behavior will not be tolerated anymore !


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