Police: Lake Forest Nanny Caught Stealing Jewelry

Carol Jacobs is being charged with theft (class 4 felony) after stealing over $20,000 worth of jewelry.

A North Chicago woman who was working as a nanny in Lake Forest is being charged with class 4 felony theft for stealing jewelry from her employer's home, according to Lake Forest Police reports.

The report states that Carol Jacobs, 52, was cooperative with officers and admitted to stealing approximately 24 pieces of jewelry over several weeks. She had been pawning the pieces at several pawnshops and cash for gold locations throughout Lake County, predominately at Mr. Oro’s in Waukegan. The total loss so far is around $20,000, police said.

Detective Mark Senger said a couple of other people have come forward to say that she had worked for them in the past, and they had found things missing from their homes.

Jacobs’ bond is set at $10,000 and her first court date is Jan. 17 in Waukegan. Anyone with any more information on this case – or anyone who believes that Jacobs may have stolen from them as well – should contact Senger at SengerM@cityoflakeforest.com or at (847) 810-3815.

Senger noted that he’s run into issues when working with the cash for gold locations, as the laws that apply to pawn shops, such as a requirement that they keep track of everything received and notify the local sheriff’s office within 24 hours of an item coming in, do not apply to them. Therefore, the jewelry that comes in isn’t reported to the local authorities and there’s no way of checking

“It seems so strange and absurd to me that if someone walks in with a couple of necklaces [the cash for gold location] can just take it, melt it and it’s done,” Senger said.

“I’ve told my victims and other people that call in that I strongly suggest contacting your state legislator and explain that there’s a gaping hole where people can take advantage of selling other people’s property,” Senger said. “It sets up too much of an opportunity for people to do something like this and its not retrievable.”

Mr. Oro’s declined to comment when contacted by Patch.

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