Teens Charged In Burglary: The Story so Far

With the first court date approaching and the police investigation wrapping up, Patch brings you up to speed on the Deerfield teens arrested and charged with an armed Highland Park burglary.

Deerfield residents Joseph J. Mahoney and Joshua S. Norris, both 17, were charged as adults for an armed burglary  that occurred earlier this month.

At 7:22 a.m. on Thursday, August 2, the Highland Park police received a call that a male wearing a dark hoodie and dark pants was spotted in a Highland Park home by the homeowners, with what appeared to be a rifle. He fled on foot. Two hours later, police arrested Mahoney and Norris.

Since then, Patch has dug deep into the story, reporting on when the teens posted bail, and

See the full list of stories below, and keep checking back as more information becomes available.

Police investigation into the Aug. 2 armed burglary led to the arrest of Jacob A. Lynn, 17, who lives at the home that was broken into. Deerfield teens Joseph J. Mahoney and Joshua S. Norris are facing home invasion charges for the break-in.

The Deerfield teens were charged in a Highland Park home invasion. Mahoney's attorney says there were mitigating circumstances that will help his client.

Deerfield High School will not comment on whether seniors Mahoney and Norris will face disciplinary action because of felony charges arising out of a Highland Park home invasion.

Armed home invasion leads many readers to question their safety and wonder what their own kids are up to.

Two 17-year-olds have been charged as adults for breaking into a Highland Park home with a gun on Thursday.

Hours after an early morning break-in, police have found a person who fits the description of the offender, and a long gun nearby.

Police continue to search for the offender after responding to reported burglary in the 3000 block of Parkside.

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Doesnt matter August 19, 2012 at 04:38 AM
Rot in jail.
Lou August 31, 2012 at 12:47 PM
If someone rots in jail, what do you think he'll be like when he gets out? Safe to be around others? Rehabilitated ? Educated? Mad? A hardened criminal ready to hurt someone else? I understand your need for revenge, it's a common human trait. But, who would you rather sit behind you or your children in a theater, next to you on a public subway or coming toward you in a speeding car, an angry ex-con or a person who had the best counseling, education and rehabilitation society can offer? Hmmm? I doubt if you'll answer this question because your anger will outdo your common sense.


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