Knobel Files to Run For City Council

The mayor's former campaign manager and current Business and Economic Development Commissioner has formed an exploratory committee for the 2013 city council race.

Though the election isn't until 2013, the race for Highland Park City Council may have already begun.

Business and Economic Development Commissioner (BEDC) Alyssa Knobel has announced the formation of an exploratory committee for the Highland Park City Council race next April.  

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"I've been encouraged to run," Knobel said. "I really started to seriously think about it and talk to people in February… but the encouragement started long before that."

Knobel filed with the State Board of Elections after receiving over $3000 towards her campaign, as required by campaign compliance rules. The contributions -- which Knobel said were all unsolicited -- include $1000 from  and her husband.

"Alyssa is a dear friend and she's also somebody who gets involved up to her eyeballs in the community," Rotering said. She praised Knobel's extensive knowledge of the city and her "boundless energy," citing her recent experience with Highland Park's business owners.

In addition to serving as a chairperson for BEDC, Knobel is a board member of the Downtown Highland Park Alliance and recently worked with them to organize the city's first .

"She's put in 40 hour weeks for months on end to bring together the broad spectrum of businesses and business stake holders in our community," Rotering said.

Prior to her work with Highland Park's businesses, Knobel volunteered for PTA, District 112's strategic plan curriculum committee, the and the (where she's currently a board member).

With a degree in communication from Boston University, Knobel has also worked professionally for advertising companies like BBDO and marketing companies Buster Creative. 

More recently, Knobel has established herself as an effective campaign manager. She coordinated Rotering's successul city council run in 2009 and managed her . She also worked as an aide to Karen May when she against  in 2010.

"Nobody can manage Alyssa Knobel's campaign like Alyssa Knobel," Rotering said.

Though Rotering was quick to point out that Knobel has not officially decided to run yet, Knobel said the chances are slim that she won't be on the ballot next April.

"I need to go through the process of making sure this is the absolute right thing for me and the city," she said.

Knobel said she shares the vision for the city held by the mayor and city council, but also said she feels the city has been "in transition for a while."

"I can hit the ground running. I have that background," Knobel said. "We can't afford to be in transition anymore."

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Mark April 26, 2012 at 10:38 PM
Perhaps Mike just wants the red oak area to secede from HP.
S April 27, 2012 at 02:23 AM
"In my view me an my so called cronies accomplished more good for this City than Rotering will do in a lifetime." Really Mike? How embarrassing ... for you. Why the vitriol? That's awfully thin skinned coming from a politician. One can express genuine differences of opinion without resorting to such pettiness. Your incivility is only exceeded by your arrogance. Shame on you.
Anonymous May 20, 2012 at 03:22 AM
Quick question, how can you be an advocate for District 112 schools when you dont send your kids to our schools. If our schools are not equipped or resourced to educate certain peoples children than i would no trust their loyalty and commitment to bettering out District and Community. Sorry...
Anonymous May 20, 2012 at 03:35 AM
If someone likes or dislikes Mr. Belskys past or history has nothing to do with him stating the fact of the current situation. It is one thing if there are rumors or slander and it is another if its the truth. Dont mistake the truth from perception. I want people representing our district and community with out looking for roles for personal gains. I support our military and and any school in 112 they attend and i support our schools to the point that i make sure my children attend the schools in HP. I believe they will receive the education they deserve and need. If certain people dont believe in District 112 or our teachers dont run for any position in District 112 please!!!
Maria Owens May 20, 2012 at 09:16 PM
Although I am not a member of the Highland Park community, I have come to know Alyssa Knobel. I could not agree more with Mayor Rotering's view of Alyssa. I know Alyssa to be intelligent, professional and extremely hard-working. She is a great mother and the most loyal of friends. Alyssa Knobel would be a valuable asset to the Highland Park City Council.


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