Ann Bassi Will Not Seek Reelection to County Board

Councilman Steve Mandel considers running for newly drawn district.

Lake County Board Member said Friday she will not be running for reelection in 2012. She emailed supporters Thursday night. 

“Serving as Lake County Board member for the past nine years has been one of the most fulfilling activities of my life,” Bassi said. “The experience has been stimulating, challenging and rewarding for me. I got more than I gave.”

Bassi has been particularly proud of her efforts to bring more affordable housing and better wetlands management to Highland Park and Lake County. She was instrumental having a wetlands mitigation fund set up requiring developers to pay into before they work on those properties.

“It will help flood protection efforts,” Bassi said. “It’s a good thing to wake up every morning knowing you made a difference.”

Both Lake County Board President and Board Member have valued Bassi’s service as a colleague.

“She has been a very valuable board member,” Stolman said. “You could sit down and discuss the issues with her based on the facts and she makes decisions based on the facts.”

Stolman has served with Bassi her entire tenure.

Feldman praised Bassi’s efforts on behalf of her Highland Park district. “She has been very aggressive finding funds for programs in her district,” Feldman said.

Bassi has no current plans to seek elective office but will not rule it out. She also thinks the time has come for new leadership on the Lake County Board

“Organizations benefit from fresh ideas and new voices. It’s time to let someone else have a turn,” Bassi said. “You never know what will be on the horizon. I have no plans now but am open to opportunities."

One person who is considering running for her position is . Mandel, a Solid Waste Agency of Lake County board member, is in his fourth term on the Council.

“I was surprised,” Mandel said about Bassi’s decision. “It would only interfere with a few months of my Council term. I am going to think it through.”

First elected in 2002, Bassi has used her background as a certified public accountant by chairing the Revenue, Records and Legislative Committee since 2009. She also serves on the Financial and Administrative Committee.

Larry Jones September 24, 2011 at 11:55 AM
Please Mandel, go for it and good bye from HP
mike belsky September 24, 2011 at 02:29 PM
I am feeling healthy, I work in HP now and have worked with the County on a myriad of issues such as affordable housing, healthcare, Fort Sheridan and sustainability. This makes sense- and the prospect of that mean spirited Mandel advancing further anywhere in government makes it even more intriguing. If I do not run I will actively work against Steve.
Jimmycartersuxs September 24, 2011 at 05:08 PM
I am a fan of Ms. Bassi, but I was terribly disappointed in her lack of honesty regarding the recent Ft. Sheridan beach clean-up. The turn-out was not nearly as high as she claimed and she refused to acknowledge the group that supplied the most volunteers for the event, which happen to be a local Republican campaign. I was disappointed that she would put partisan politics above gratitude for doing an important community service.. Probably time to retire. Thank you for your service to LC.


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