Armed Guard Patrols Mall Store

C.D. Peacock employs guards with a hand gun during holiday shopping.


Northbrook Court jewelry store chose to beef up its holiday security Friday and Saturday with an armed guard complete with a hand gun and a bullet proof vest.

At the same time, uniformed Northbrook Court security guards carried no weapons and were not equipped with handcuffs. Tiffany’s had no noticeable security guard at all Saturday though the store was full of last minute holiday shoppers.

The Peacock's guard refused to give his name to Patch or answer when queried Saturday. Store manager Sally Salcena refused to comment directing inquiries to Operations Vice President Sharon Thomson. 

Thomson failed to return calls to Patch. It was later learned she is out of town this week. No one from Peacock management returned calls though four messages were left. There was no silence from executives at or local elected officials. 

The contrast between Peacock’s and Tiffany’s, where there was a lack of visible security a few doors to the south, aroused the curiosity of state . 

“If a store like Tiffany’s does not see the need (for armed security) at this time of year it is up to Peacock’s to explain why they would need this. Peacock’s has to explain if it is taking the law into its own hands.” 

was less concerned than Garrett. “I’m not troubled by it if they have all the clearances and have met all the requirements,” she said. 

Northbrook Court spokesperson David Keating explained the shopping center’s uniformed security personnel do not carry weapons. He further said Peacock’s personnel were acting inside the store and not in the mall’s common area. 

“I have to refer you to C.D. Peacock’s because this is a retailer within the store’s space,” Keating said. 

said her village’s police department knew about the situation. 

“This is something our police department is aware of,” Frum said. “They (Peacock) do it from time to time and they usually use off duty police. None of them are ours,” she added referring to Northbrook officers. 

A spokesperson for the police department said there are levels of security guards who are permitted to carry firearms while working.

Ed60062 January 07, 2012 at 04:30 AM
This article has taken on a life of its own. If all you folks come to the gun violence meeting Sunday at 2 PM at St. Norbert's it will be a lively occasion. Personally, I'd be on the anti-gun side if all guns could be made to disappear. Unfortunately the bad guys are the only ones to get a free pass for concealed carry.
Ed60062 January 07, 2012 at 04:32 AM
If all you folks come to the gun violence meeting Sunday at 2 PM at St. Norbert's it will be a lively occasion. Personally, I'd be on the anti-gun side if all guns could be made to disappear. Unfortunately that will never happen and the bad guys will always get theirs.
David Greenberg January 07, 2012 at 05:16 AM
I don't take offense with anyone because of their religion, color, sex, sexual orientation, culture, or the language they speak. About the only thing I do take offense to are people who don't bathe regularly ;-> Seriously though, the whole "shoot that guy because he has the wrong color shoe laces on" is a distraction to the real issue at hand - control of territory for offering illegal items and services - which the Government has declared "War" on because it's a threat to something offered by some other company that happens to donate well to a Congresscritter...
Deadcatbounce January 07, 2012 at 06:03 AM
A eighteen year old single mother in Oklahoma faced her worst nightmare recently.  Her husband had died on Christmas day and a pair of (alleged) burglars apparently thought she was an easy target (allegedly), trying to break into her home on New Years Eve.  But instead she went into “Momma-Bear” mode and the intruders paid the price
Bill Stewart March 24, 2014 at 11:29 PM
I wonder what would happen if more stores hired armed guards. Do you think crime would go down? I would like to think so. Bill | http://wemovesafes.com/services.html


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