Citizen Protest Led to Temporary Sign Proposal

Village will consider limitations on temporary signs in commercial areas.

The phone started ringing at Village Hall in April when Rosebud Italian Country House and Pizzeria erected a temporary 4 by 8 foot sign in front of its restaurant in August and Deerfield reacted.

Members of the Village Board of Trustees started getting calls and expressing displeasure at the first meeting after the sign was erected. Village Center Development Commission Chairman Alan Garfield heard from citizens as well.

Earlier: Village Takes Steps to Control Temporary Signs

By June the Commission had the issue on its agenda and learned the Rosebud sign was within the Deerfield zoning ordinance. After studies and work by Village staff the Commission was ready to make its recommendation to the Board by November.

Should the suggestion ultimately become law, signs will be limited to two faces of no more than 20-square feet each with no length or dimension greater than five linear feet, according to Associate Planner Kathy LeVeque.

These signs may stand no more than 30 days and a business will be limited to no more than four per year on the same lot. LeVeque hopes the Plan Commission will be able to consider the proposal by the end of March.

The Commissioners wanted to know more about the regulations and what they could do about it. Garfield had the issue placed on the June Agenda.

In the past, temporary signs were usually sandwich signs used for things like sidewalk sale, church events, sales by scouting organizations and community events, according to Village Code Enforcement Director Clint Case.

Case told the Commission none were considered offensive until Rosebud. Commissioner Ernst Kaufmann believes the recommendation will help define proper use and make it easier for Case to approve or disallow signage, according to meeting minutes.

The recommendation was unanimously approved by the Commission in November and the next step of Plan Commission consideration got a 6-0 stamp of approval from the Board Jan. 22. The Trustees will have the final say after Plan Commission review.

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Walter White January 29, 2013 at 01:01 PM
Let's find a way to drive some more thriving businesses out of town. These people need to spend more time at the Patty Turner Center and leave the town's businesses alone.
DeerfieldDarling January 29, 2013 at 02:24 PM
So this sign is offensive? What I find truly offensive are all of the vacant storefronts and the "For Rent" signs seen all over downtown Deerfield. Village officials seem oblivious to the fact that businesses (and homeowners) are struggling right now. Instead of regulating them to death, let's cut them a little slack and allow them to find ways to generate the revenue they need in order to stay alive.
RB January 29, 2013 at 07:22 PM
The reminds me of when the Village chased down Carson's for signage 'problems'. They got in trouble for adding BarBq and Prime Steaks to their existing sign. What's wrong with that? They got in trouble for advertising what they sell. How is that any different than a big commercial real estate sign saying "class A" office space for rent? There's one downtown pretty much all the time. The Village is doing busy work. Wait till they come up with a new way to spend taxpayers money instead of attracting new business and keeping existing business profitable.
Steve January 30, 2013 at 04:11 AM
Sometimes I love this town, other times I really hate it and the people in it. This time is the latter. Snobby brats complaining about signs. Unreal. Lets make up things to protest and have a complaint about.
Bringin' Down Briarwood January 30, 2013 at 05:58 AM
From the last trustee's meeting in regards to discussion of this regulation ... A woman asks, "What prompted this?" Harriett's response, "It doesn't matter what prompted this (with a strong hand-waving motion to end the discussion)." The woman's question is never answered. The report is quickly recommended and moved ahead. Great! Nice open discussion and process. Nice use of our time. As Darling said, there are things far more "offensive" in the village. And all of this in response to something that was within the friggin' zoning ordinance. Unbelievable. Now can you get back to some REAL work?


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