Council to Discuss Future of Theater

New members want to improve downtown Highland Park.

A discussion of the future of the  will take place during a gathering of the City Council’s Committee of the Whole on June 27 at City Hall. 

This marks the first time the council will consider the issue in a public forum since joined the city’s legislative body May 9. 

In another matter discussed at Monday's council meeting, cooperative efforts between property owners and the City Council to improve Highland Park’s central business district are moving forward. The council directed city staff to take several matters to the Planning Commission to deal with both short- and long-term improvements to downtown. 

The City Council also asked Community Development Director Michael Blue to work with the Planning Commission to ease certain parking and leasing restrictions downtown. 

Check back Wednesday for a more detailed story on these issues and other matters discussed by council members on Monday.

forest barbieri May 24, 2011 at 09:35 PM
I commend the City Council for quickly placing this item on their agenda. However, I believe this agenda is intended to embrace a much broader downtown business view than just the "theater issue". In addition, I doubt the Theater is an issue that can easily and quickly be resolved although I would see some short term actions to maximize the fact that we indeed have the theater with a longer term view to determine the best go forward opportunities most beneficial to the community relative to disposition or rework of the property. The Barrington dinner with movie provides a great family experience. Would it work here? Not sure. I also have seen Aspen struggle with movie house issues and they have an amazing amount of draw year round. Live theater is not likely a successful entity. Perhaps a new management company and short term more multipurpose use such as Drama, singing and musical production for the youth would help the usage and ROI. Long term, it is the economy that will in many ways drive what can and cannot be a successful transition of the property. If we decide to fire sale it in today’s economy....call me.


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