Council to Eliminate City Treasurer Position

Duties of vacant post will be handed over to finance director.

The City Council reached a consensus to eliminate the city treasurer position but maintain the at its Committee of the Whole meeting Monday.

The unpaid city treasurer position has been vacant since the recent resignation of Ron Zweig. A majority of council members said the duties could be handled by .

The members directed city staff to prepare an ordinance for the council’s June 27 meeting to make the transfer of duties official. 

“The position has become obsolete with a professional finance director,” Councilman said. “Almost all the work is being done by the finance director.” 

Mandel chaired the meetings as mayor pro tem because Mayor Nancy Rotering was not present. 

agreed with Mandel. However, wants to maintain the position as an independent review of the city’s finances.

“Our decision will transcend who is in the position,” Kirsch said. “It is an independent review of what we are doing. Having an outside person look at documents is part of our checks and balances.” 

During the same discussion, Mandel also suggested the Committee of the Whole assume the current duties of the Finance Committee. Though not a member, he attends every meeting and says the entire council can take on the mantle. 

Frank, Naftzger, Blumberg and Kirsch said committees give issues a more thorough look before they are considered by the council.

“I like the idea of a finance committee and committees in general,” Naftzger said. “It’s a more effective way to get things done.” 

“We have to have confidence in each other,” Frank added. 

Check back later Wednesday for more council news, including an update on the city's financial statement for 2010.


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