Dispatch Consolidation Will Save Money, Cost Jobs

Highland Park begins negotiations with Glenview to operate police and fire dispatch system.

Highland Park's City Council recently approved the start of negotiations with Glenview for police and fire dispatch services.
Highland Park's City Council recently approved the start of negotiations with Glenview for police and fire dispatch services.

A proposal for Highland Park, Lake Forest and Lake Bluff to contract with the Village of Glenview to operate their joint police and fire dispatch services will save the City money and eliminate some current jobs.

After some longtime preliminary negotiations between the municipalities, the Highland Park City Council approved the start of formal talks between the towns Jan. 13. The agreement would be for five years.

Highland Park’s dispatch center at the Public Safety Building will remain open under the proposed arrangement but will be operated by Glenview, according to Highland Park Police Chief Paul Shafer.

 “It will save about $250,000 a year for five years,” City Manager David Knapp said. He also estimates four to five jobs will be eliminated. “They would be able to reapply (to the new entity).”

Schafer does not think people calling the dispatch center will notice a difference even if a call is shifted from Highland Park to Glenview. “The calls will be handled by the other center seamlessly,” he said.

Once a final deal is reached with the four communities, it will require City Council approval.

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Dan Cox January 23, 2014 at 02:56 PM
Hmmm, so your link to fast Police response just had another kink put into the chain... more time between calling in the emergency, the dispatcher figuring out who to send and if you are on a street boarding the two towns... the Police are only 10-20 minutes away, when seconds count and your life is on the line! You can have your 911, I carry my Colt 1911 and have a 4 second response time to the threat at hand...then call the Police and wait for them to arrive...sooner or later, it won't matter.
Slats January 24, 2014 at 01:21 AM
Cutting spending! Politicians starting to get the message from worn down taxpayers.


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