Election 2012: Mark Shaw

Mark Shaw is running against Scott Drury in the 58th District State Representative race.

Name: Mark Shaw

Campaign Manager:    
Tom Mannix   

Campaign Address:    2699 Waukegan Avenue, Highland Park, Illinois 60035

Campaign Phone:    
(847) 926-7366

Web Site Address:    www.electmarkshaw.com   

E-mail Address:    mark@electmarkshaw.com

Facebook:             Mark Shaw for State Representative

Twitter:                  Twitter@electmarkshaw

Age and Birth date: 51: March 18, 1961

Family: Married to Lynn, father of 11-year old son, A.J.

Education: B.S. Pharmacy, Purdue University School of Pharmacy and
Pharmacal Sciences and J.D., Indiana University School of Law. Licensed Pharmacist (Illinois,
Indiana and Kentucky), Licensed Attorney (Illinois, D.C., Wisconsin, U.S. Supreme Court,   
2 U.S. Courts of Appeal and 5 U.S. District Courts), Certified Guardian ad litem and Child
Representative, and Arbitrator.



Political Party:


Past and Present Civic and Professional Activities: Lake Forest Plan Commissioner, Lake Forest/Lake Bluff Lions Club, Lake Forest Open Lands Association, Lake Forest Cub Scouts Pack 48 Leadership Team: Assistant Den Leader/Assistant Cubmaster/Cubmaster, Lake Forest AYSO: Assistant Coach, Lake Forest Caucus 4th Ward Chairman and Executive Committee member, Lake Forest Chamber of Commerce, U.S. Navy League, Ann Kiley Developmental Center: Human Rights Commissioner, Lake County Teen Court: Judge/Advisory Board, 30-year Republican Party Volunteer and Campaign Manager for Numerous Campaigns, Waukegan and West Deerfield Townships Republican Precinct Committeeman and West Deerfield Township Republican Treasurer/Vice Chairman/Chairman, Lake County Republican Central Committeeman, Illinois Republican Central Committeeman and Lake County Republican Federation Board of Governors and Executive Committee. In addition, I have been, and continue to be, a member of numerous bar and pharmacy associations. While
working as an attorney, I have held the positions of Special Round Lake Beach Attorney and Prosecutor, Special Cook County State’s Attorney and Special Illinois Attorney General, General Counsel and Crime Commissioner for Illinois House District 59, Special Counsel for Teachers, State Universities, State Employees, General Assembly and Judges Retirement Systems, Special
Counsel for the Illinois Education Association and for the Illinois State Medical Society, and Special Counsel for the Resolution Trust Corporation.

Past and Present Business Experience: Founder and Attorney: Shaw Law Ltd., Attorney:
Seyfarth Shaw, LLP, Attorney: Winston & Strawn, LLP, Manager, Assistant Manager and
Pharmacist: Hook Drugs, Assistant Manager and Pharmacist: Revco (n/k/a CVS), and
Pharmacist: Walgreen, Peoples Drugs, Kroger.


Email: markshawlaw@hotmail.com

Official name of your campaign committee: 

Citizens for Mark Shaw 

What would your priorities be if elected to this office?

As State Representative, I will work to jump-start the Illinois economy, balance the budget, and “shore-up” or unfunded pension and health care liabilities.

As for Illinois’ economy, all of the resources needed to rebuild the foundation of Illinois’s economy are present. These resources include Illinois’ natural resources, transportation centers, education system, financial industry and its superior work force.  Government can promote job creation but, in the end, businesses create jobs. All we need now is for Illinois government to get out of the way. Illinois’ businesses are held back and chased away by the punitive rates of taxes and fees like unemployment insurance and workers compensation “premiums”.  I oppose higher taxes and fees imposed on businesses. If we want to encourage job creation, we need to find ways to get businesses to come to Illinois and employ more people instead of forcing them to leave Illinois and/or lay-off people. As State Representative, I will support across-the-board incentives like a reduction in the corporate income tax rate. Reducing the corporate income tax rate will do more to retain and attract businesses and jobs.

If we did not raise taxes, most businesses would never think of moving out of Illinois. Therefore, we need to reduce the cost of doing business in Illinois by: 1) restructuring workman’s compensation and unemployment insurance; 2) crafting entrepreneur-friendly and pro-growth policies; and 3) encouraging public-private partnerships in research and development of new products.
As for pension reform and balancing the budget, see my answers to the specific questions regarding these issues below.

What are the most important issues facing your district and what would you do as a legislator to address them?

I believe that the most important issues facing my district are the poor economy, unbalanced budget and unfunded pension and health care liabilities. As State Representative, I will work to jump-start the Illinois economy, balance the budget, and “shore-up” or unfunded pension and health care liabilities. As State Representative, I will work to improve the Illinois economy, balance the budget, and “shore-up” the unfunded pension and health care liabilities, by focusing on the solutions that I identified in my answers to the specific questions regarding these issues above and below.    

Illinois’ state government has a terrible reputation in terms of corruption. What would you do to change the culture of state government that has seen recent governors from both political parties convicted of felonies?

As State Representative, I will lead by example. I have a long history of service to my community and to local government in Lake County.  I believe I have done a good job of leading by example and have not seen any corruption, waste or fraud in Lake Forest government. Our status quo has been for the betterment of our community.  As State Representative, I will support term limits for all public officials in order to insure that entrenched politicians do not create decades-old power bases designed to serve themselves rather than their constituencies.    

Education in Illinois is funded primarily through local property taxes. What changes, if any, would make to that funding system?

As State Representative, I will support legislation to create a uniform and fair tax assessment process so that the individuals and corporations with political connections are not permitted to “game the system” and, therefore, not pay their fare share of real estate taxes. In addition, I will oppose Mike Madigan’s efforts to “saddle” local school districts with unfunded teachers’ pension liabilities which would financially decimate our local school districts. Also, I will support school choice so that children are not perpetually trapped in underperforming and/or dysfunctional school systems.    

Illinois recently passed a significant increase in its income tax, yet the state continues to run a deficit. What specifically should be done to reduce the deficit?

I believe that Illinois could have balanced the budget without a tax increase and I oppose the 67% income tax increase. Government spending in Illinois has outstripped population growth fivefold. Illinois does not have a business productivity or tax revenue creation problem. Rather, Illinois has a spending problem. As State Representative, I will oppose any additional income tax increases, support a repeal of the 67% income tax increase, support “zero-based” budgeting for all government departments and programs, and support cuts in wasteful, redundant, and obsolete programs and spending.     

Illinois’ unfunded pension liability is $83 billion. The state’s inability to address the issue recently led Moody’s to downgrade Illinois’ credit rating. What should be done to address the state’s rising pension obligations?

Our unfunded pensions and sinking public health system cost are at the core of the state’s fiscal crisis. In order to solve the problem, all parties must first realize there will be severe pain.  Much like the aftermath of a drinking binge, Illinois must now suffer the hangover from a Mike Madigan’s spending and borrowing binge. What makes matters worse is the continuation of tax raising, borrowing and spending despite the knowledge that the State is in fiscal crisis.   
As State Representative, I would support raising the retirement age, capping average salaries, increasing co-payments and reducing benefits. Any abuses of the system like double dipping, and pension padding or spiking (e.g., police officers in Lansing, Illinois) need to be outlawed. Any loophole pensions that have been awarded that are exponential multiplications of the amount provided by the employer/employee contributions must be reviewed for loopholes to reduce them (e.g., the Bellwood Village Manager who appointed himself multiple titles at multiple salaries).Pension bills should be prohibited from reaching the floor of the legislature unless a qualified actuary has certified that the measure can be funded within the parameters of the pension system. Pension systems need to create low and high ceilings of compensation.

Some of the measures for a long term fix have been initiated, but this is a problem that calls for decisive and substantive action, not baby steps designed to placate state employee union voting blocks.

As State Representative, I will support instituting a 401-k type plan for new hires and phase out defined benefit pensions altogether to bring public sector benefits in line with the private sector. Nevertheless, as State Representative, I will vote against efforts to reduce pension benefits for current retirees.  
Fire, police and local government workers have the same problem as the State, and any changes in the state system should be able to be applied across the board to any public employee regardless of their position.

As State Representative, I will advocate “zero-based” budgeting and reduction in all offices and programs. I also support creating an incentive program for employees who provide cost saving measures that are implemented by the state (i.e., an efficiency whistle blowing system).

David Greenberg September 20, 2012 at 07:14 PM
I've gotten to know Mark over the years and he's the guy to help drive solutions to the woes that have dragged our once great State down to the bottom. He's correct - Illinois has everything it needs to restore itself to it's original Glory save one. That "one"? The State Government needs to reduce the hurdles to business and life. We need to get the tax and spend dumbocrats out of office. Madigan and his ilk have done nothing but bring us to the brink of financial ruin, and it's time for change. We need to elect Mark Shaw and people like him.
John Russillo September 21, 2012 at 10:30 PM
Wow, Mr. Shaw actually played nice with Mr. Nelson this time. I guess you can't afford to spew bile at a journalist as a candidate like you can when you're a campaign manager. Oh, and by the way, Mr. Shaw or Ms. Turelli still haven't explained fibbing about her degree. http://deerfield.patch.com/articles/turelli-looks-like-a-winner-in-58th-district
George Krafcisin September 22, 2012 at 02:05 PM
What "wasteful, redundant and obsolete programs and spending" would Mr. Shaw eliminate?
Walter White September 22, 2012 at 04:32 PM
That's about as detailed as he's gonna get, George. His talking points are generic and probably written by the GOP. We are still waiting for him to give us those details, but don't hold your breath. He has no clue. I still think it's hilarious that his only specific idea is to reduce revenue to close a budget gap.
George Krafcisin September 22, 2012 at 05:11 PM
Apparently, Scott Drury is using the same script, 'cause he's going to close the budget gap the same way.
Walter White September 22, 2012 at 05:26 PM
He won't even talk to the Patch! But you're right, these candidates don't really inspire confidence, do they?
A. E. Sachs October 01, 2012 at 08:23 AM
What details do you know about the rumors that there ever was a fib?
A. E. Sachs October 01, 2012 at 08:23 AM
A. E. Sachs October 01, 2012 at 08:25 AM
This article will answer some questions. http://elections.chicagotribune.com/editorial/mark-l-shaw/
A. E. Sachs October 01, 2012 at 08:30 AM
Probably written by the GOP. Drury was selected by Madigan and is floating on funds provided by a man who has been in office for over 30 years. A vast majority of them consecutive. The only actions like you speak of concerning hierarchical party politics is the Democrats behind Scot Drury. If you are capable of plugging into his network (it is not exclusive nor difficult to access) you will find the details you are looking for. Be proactive sir. Our state is in jeopardy and "progressive" politics have regressed our economic performance and political participation by creating a leviathan of a political machine run by crooks like Madigan. Let's get to the point and remove this tyrant pest from the speaker of the house.
A. E. Sachs October 01, 2012 at 08:31 AM


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