How Does Highland Park Snow Removal Compare to Its Neighbors?

Patch takes a look at the resources of communities in the area.

Did you wonder how removal efforts in Highland Park stack up against neighboring towns?

Patch has been wondering the same thing and decided to take a closer look.

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Highland Park has 150 miles to clear and utilizes 15 trucks, according to Bill Stewart of the Department of Public Works. That makes an average of 10 miles per truck.

Neighboring Deerfield plows 70 miles of roads each time it snows using 20 trucks with plows of varying sizes, according to Street Foreman Eric Oscarson. That would be 3.5 miles of road per vehicle.

Lake Forest has 120 miles of roads needing attention and puts 14 trucks on the street, according to Public Works Director Michael Thomas. That is an average of 8.57 trucks per mile.

Though smaller, Lake Bluff comes in with an average of 4.75 miles per vehicle. According to Public Works Director Jake Terlat, the Village puts eight trucks on the road to clear 38 miles of streets.

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William d Brown February 23, 2013 at 01:25 PM
HP also has a larger public downtown,more bridges, terrain changes, however it also has a larger Park Dist that plows its own lots and longer contiguous streets than the other towns. Overall they all do a great job for their communities but if your article is implying that vehicles per mile is the best and only measure you are mistaken.
Molly February 23, 2013 at 01:49 PM
I think the public works personnel do a good job plowing in HP. Especially if you consider all the traffic they have to contend with while trying to clear the roads.
Jordan February 24, 2013 at 12:02 AM
I think the first couple snow falls this year most towns including IDOT forgot its important to get plows on the road BEFORE they are too bad for commuters. UNLESS there trying to save money. As a tax payer, that is one area I don't want a cut back. Having said that, HP has done an outstanding job with each snow fall.


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