Lake Cook 2013 Roadwork Plan Unveiled

Mayor Rosenthal, Village President Frum push for around the clock work.

Continuous work to speed completion of next year’s phase of the between Deerlake and Waukegan Roads is a possibility put under consideration Tuesday by Cook County Highway Department Superintendent John Yonan.

Yonan responded to pleas from and to finish the project as quickly as possible during a meeting Tuesday at Deerfield Village Hall where the roadwork plans were unveiled to more than 30 people.

“When the Edens (Expressway) or the Tollway go under construction it’s 24/7,” Rosenthal said. “Lake Cook Road is a major thoroughfare. We want you to take this under consideration. Our businesses were at a severe disadvantage (last year). We lost some businesses.”

Yonan’s initial response to Rosenthal’s request was a concern for the noise emanating from the construction. He was afraid it would be a problem for residents trying to sleep. “We can do it, but there are people who will complain,” he said.

Several people in the room explained the work area is not a residential area. Frum quickly let Yonan know it was not Cook County’s problem and could be handled by Northbrook and Deerfield. “They’re our ordinances,” she said of the noise potential.

The only residential areas affected are the homes east of Waukegan Road and south of Lake Cook Road in unincorporated Cook County. Yonan indicated his branch of government could handle that piece of the noise puzzle.

Noise Can Travel a Mile

“Some of the noise can be heard a mile away,” Yonan said. “We can try it but some of the excavation cannot be done at night,” he added explaining the necessity of daylight when digging around utility lines and water pipes for safety purposes.

Though he would not commit to a calendar day incentive to motivate the contractor to complete the work early, Yonan did not rule it out. “We will consider it,” he told Patch after the meeting.

Rosenthal endorsed the idea of incentives to speed the work. “A lot of people need work,” she said. “They should get the job done as quickly as possible and move on to the next one.”

When the work is done, Lake Cook Road will be three lanes throughout Deerfield, according to Cook County Area Construction Supervisor Mike Ewers. “The contract will be let this year so the work can begin when the weather breaks,” he said.

The first phase of construction will limit traffic to the two outside lanes while the rest of the road is prepared, according to Ewers. After that, cars will be driving on the north side of the street while the south side is turned into a three-lane road. Then the traffic flow will be reversed. After that, turn lanes will be completed.

Utility Work Will be Planned Ahead of Time

Another benefit of hiring the contractor before the end of the year will enable the firm to work with utility companies to properly plan infrastructure projects and avoid some of the causes of the 2011 delays.

A number of business owners at the meeting were most concerned about communication of specific parts of the project which will affect their operations.

Donna Price of CRE8 Workshop wants to know when she will have a problem so she can plan. “Can you let us know at the beginning of the week,” she asked?

Yonan and Ewers promised to let people know the step by step progress of the effort. Rosenthal and Frum both said they would put as much information on their village websites as possible.

barry April 25, 2012 at 02:14 PM
Finally after years....someone gets it!! The money is there, so why not go the extra shifts as I have said....even proposed elsewhere for longer than I care to remember. The only downside? None. More jobs, faster relief from congestion, lower local shipping costs. It doesn't take 5 UPS, FedEx and other trucks to make the number of pickups and deliveries 2 trucks could make without the traffic congestion that doubles or triples delivery times and associated overhead expenses. ....and then we have all the other fallout constant congestion causes when construction on a main artery surrounded by the attempt at commerce moves at a senseless snails pace. Future projects as I have stated before should and could be bid on a 16 or 24 hour, basis.
william brown April 25, 2012 at 02:51 PM
Barry Not to say it CAN'T be done with 2 shifts But there are considerations on projects that go well beyond expecting 2 Shits to be a cost savings. Logistics Ability of skilled trades and materials to bein the same place at the same time. Not saying it can't work But I know it won't work all the time Worth a try But could add considerable cost to a project Working in the field is different than a factory.
RB April 25, 2012 at 03:20 PM
They only 'get it' due to public pressure. That underpass project on Deerfield road? They did not 'get it' despite protest. They just kept extending the Deerfield roadway shutdown. keep the pressure on! I hope Cook county can manage a project on a 24 hour basis. Now, what about the rebuilding of Deerfield Road East of Waukegan slated for 2013?
barry April 25, 2012 at 08:41 PM
No one says the actual cost of the project's work itself would save money with a second shift. Fine if the second shift costs the same as first shift bid. Great! It is the COLLATERAL savings while shortening the shock and disruption that the community and commerce would experience that we are talking about.


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