Mayor Vows Retail for Best Buy Site

Customers surprised over latest Deerbrook closing.

Customers were surprised to learn Saturday Best Buy at the will be closing and Deerfield  to keep the new tenant producing sales tax dollars.

The store will close in August, according to a company spokesperson.

“Deerbrook is a PUD (Planned Unit Development) so they’ll have to get a special use permit,” Rosenthal said, referring to the fact the mall owners must ask the village board for permission to put anything in the space other than another store.

Though Rosenthal and the board of trustees knew Best Buy wanted smaller space and had advance warning of the closing before it was announced to the public by the Minnesota-based company Saturday, she was still unhappy.

“It’s very sad,” Rosenthal said. “They will be missed in this area. I knew they wanted to downsize.” she added. The company needed less space when it stopped selling appliances in Deerfield. “Deerbrook has been working on a renovation to the shopping center.”

Retention of sales tax revenue has been a focus for Rosenthal. At the April 2 meeting of the board of trustees, she asked Deerfield Village Manager Kent Street to look at ways to avoid the loss of revenue that occurred because the former Borders and George’s What’s Cooking sites will become medical offices.

“We knew this when we did our budget for sales tax revenue and took this into account,” Rosenthal said of the most recent closing. The mayor’s concern over income derived from shoppers was borne out by people shopping at Best Buy Saturday.

Jim Statza of Lake Bluff, who was leaving the store with a new electronic device, had no idea the store was closing when he talked to Patch.

“I did not know,” Statza said. “I’ll be spending less time in Deerfield and Highland Park. I come here for Best Buy."

Pat Herendeen of Highland Park was equally surprised and disappointed with the condition the Best Buy departure will leave for the mall. “It’s unfortunate,” he said. “I had no idea. This is going to be a bit of a ghost town.”

David Lipman and Riva Lipman of Highland Park feel a loss for the community. “It’s a shame for Highland Park and Deerfield,” they said. “It’s been here a long time. Things are coming undone at the Deerbrook Mall.”

Anthony Lucente April 21, 2012 at 11:42 PM
now deerfield office depot is closing it doors too
LK April 21, 2012 at 11:52 PM
believe me--- MARIANOs is the place to go. i cant tell you how many people i know personally that shop there!!! Instead of going to Vernon Hills or Arlington Heights, we should buy locally. Not only does Marianos have the best grocery options, they have a full service eatery!
David Greenberg April 22, 2012 at 12:29 AM
Caldwell's Corners would be ripe for a repurposement - it's in Lake County, so there's tax benefits. I gotta wonder how many sales have been lost due to the high Crook County taxes. Note the lack of gas stations on the Cook county side of the street... Again though, a major, major, major problem with shopping over there is TRAFFIC. It's just nuts. A bit of thought, just a little planning would make things flow easier. First freebie: Vehicles westbound on Lake Cook Road which decide to turn south (left) into the Jewel parking lot. They backup out of the small turn lane, and sit there forever waiting to cross the eastbound traffic on Lake Cook Road. This causes all manner of problems. My solution: Remove the ability to turn into the Jewel driveway from westbound Lake Cook Road. Make that driveway an EXIT only, heading eastbound. Want to go to Jewel when heading westbound? Fine, wait in the nice long left turn lane at Lake Cook and Waukegan, head south on Waukegan, and turn into the driveway just south of Waukegan. Similarly, cars turning north out of the first driveway just south of Waukegan cause all kinds of problems too. Simply driving to the middle driveway with the stoplight is so much easier and safer. Just a bit of thought would clean up the intersections around there. Not perfect, but would vastly improve them. And it might make things more attractive rather than repulsive to potential shoppers.
RB April 22, 2012 at 02:15 AM
Cadwell Corners is now tied up as a temporary library as more tax dollars are spent for the remodel on the fly of the Deerfield Library. Was Honquest forced to vacate so the library could use the space? We'll never know. Libraries don't pay sales tax either. Once free to do something your Lake county sales tax idea is a good selling point for big box. The outlot with the tire store and gas station is also a very limiting factor in getting anything going at Cadwell. Same is true with Deerbrook, they have built the out buildings over recent years and ignored the core 'mall' other than exterior facelifts. Relaxing the intersection bottlenecks could help both centers. I too saw the closing signs for Office Depot. So the list goes on...blockbuster (2 stores), old country buffet, barber shop, deli, best buy, 2 chicken restaurants, baker furniture, bakers square, Honquest furniture, Stoney river, cabinet design center, borders, etc. I've lost count. Hello? Village board? Are we building unnecessary parks and underpasses or recruiting retail business? It's time for change and action. Nice people, but new attitude is needed.
Ed60062 April 25, 2012 at 02:44 PM
Portillo's would be a great addition. Great food. They were looking at Northbrook several years ago but backed out. Maybe for Deerfield?


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