For Second Year, Park District Will Not Raise Tax Levy

Two years ago, the Park District reduced its tax levy by 10 percent and hasn't changed since. Projects like Rosewood Beach will be funded through operational revenues and reserves.

The information below comes from the Park District of Highland Park.

For the third year in a row, the Park District of Highland Park will not be increasing its property tax levy.

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The Park Board has approved a tax levy of $9,710,677 for the upcoming tax year, an amount equal to last year’s tax levy. Two years ago, the Park District reduced its tax levy by 10 percent or $998,305, and since then has consistently maintained this lower levy.

Each year the Park Board reviews the financial state of the Park District and determines whether a tax increase is necessary to support upcoming projects, programs, and services. Although the Park District has the option to raise property taxes annually, the Park District is again choosing to hold taxes steady.

The capital projects and infrastructure improvements scheduled in 2013, including Rosewood Beach, will be funded through operational revenues and accumulated reserves, consistent with the Park District’s Reserve Policy.

Although the Park District has a number of options to raise taxes through the increase in the Consumer Price Index within the tax cap, the Special Recreation Levy, and its annual bonding authority, the District is choosing to levy an amount equal to the prior two years resulting in continued tax relief for residents.

Passing on the option to utilize its bonding authority alone for the past three years will have saved taxpayers over $4 million in property taxes.

Park Board President Scott Meyers commended staff on their continuing efforts to work within the budget.

“We should not raise taxes unless there is a good reason, and as long as we are able to maintain the quality and scope of our programs and services while offering tax relief to our residents, we should do so.”

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David Greenberg December 20, 2012 at 12:38 AM
Thank you to those who are holding the line on the Levy and the budget and working with other taxing bodies to achieve savings. Now what can you do to reduce it? Any programs that aren't well-attended that could be cut to save additional money? Out of 3800 programs, I'd suspect there's something out there. How much will the ACOE project down at Rosewood cost us? What impact will that have on future levies? What about that Interpretative Center project? How much could the levy drop if that wasn't implemented?


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