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Park Board to Vote on Rosewood Beach Redesign This Thursday

After months of discussion, the Park District board will vote on the proposed Rosewood Beach redesign at its next meeting.

The information below comes from the Park District of Highland Park.

The Park Board of Commissioners will vote on the Rosewood Beach Task Force’s recommendation for Rosewood Beach improvements during the August 23 Board Meeting scheduled at 6 p.m. at West Ridge Center, 636 Ridge Road.

The official recommendation for beach improvements by Task Force Chairman Dave Fairman. It includes restrooms, concession building, lifeguard building and a multipurpose beach pavilion/interpretive center linked together by a boardwalk.

Since the recommendation, the Park Board .  As part of their due diligence, the Commissioners met in open session on Rosewood Beach to view the footprint of the four proposed structures and ask questions of the architects and Task Force.  Public input received to date has been presented to the Park Board for consideration. 

Due to public interest and the significance of the August 23 Board Meeting, child care will be provided for children ages four to ten in the gym and preschool room at West Ridge Center. Meeting attendees who plan to take advantage of this free service are asked to contact the Park District at 847-831-3810.

Those unable to attend the public meeting are encouraged to view the beach improvement plan online and submit comments directly to the Park Board at info@pdhp.org prior to the August 23 meeting.

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David Greenberg August 11, 2012 at 06:59 PM
As has been said by a majority of the attendees at the meetings - "NO INTERPRETATIVE CENTER" at Rosewood Beach. Some restrooms/concession stand? Fine - so long as it's not a million dollar project. But the IC is too big for Rosewood Beach, is too close to the water's edge, the parking lot is too small to accommodate buses/high traffic, the roadway width into/out of the parking lot is too narrow to safely accommodate large vehicles, the view out of the driveway to Sheridan Road is often partially blocked, and more... We all know that members of the Park District believe this is shortsighted, but we don't agree. We think that an IC on Rosewood Beach is shortsighted and unnecessary. The Park Board should vote against it.
Carl Lambrecht August 11, 2012 at 08:05 PM
We have an empty Interpretative center at Ravinia Beach. No need for a second building. Carl Lambrecht 847 432 8255, lambrecht@laurelindustries.com
Dan Jenks August 19, 2012 at 11:36 PM
I walked inside green pipes that mark the proposed footprint of the Interpretative Center this afternoon – it’s a small space and, even without the additional sand that the ACE is adding, the footprint is back against the bluff and not on the beach. As far as aesthetics ("it is too big"), it’s hard to see how this structure would meaningfully change the view walking down the beach – particularly given the fact that 3 other structures are being added. If people don’t want to see the side of this building, a couple of arbor vitae would block the structure entirely from view.
forest barbieri August 20, 2012 at 03:33 AM
I have added three photos above showing the window and doorless structure sitting on Ravine Beach, most of which is as you can see not only unused but open, presenting a space with potential for misuse and even danger within Park District land. I add these to this discussion for two reasons: 1. This could be converted to an HP IC, Beach house or whatever other use planned for the "extra" structure on Rosewood Beach. I would think it is MUCH more cost efficient and utilizes a structure that is today an eyesore and potentially dangerous. 2. As I believe the board will pass the Rosewood plan and as they have an all or nothing approach, I solicit the Board to do something timely and constructive with this open property to the benefit of the community.
David Greenberg August 20, 2012 at 04:17 AM
It's proposed to be 1960 sq feet. That's larger than some homes in Highland Park, and is hardly small. It's also too close to the water's edge given how high water comes up into the parking lot during storms, winter, etc. Ice dams are also a concern. Arbovite won't grow in that soil. If anyone is interested in seeing photos, I've uploaded quite a few to this article...
Dan Jenks August 20, 2012 at 01:10 PM
The comment that “its 1,960” feet doesn’t really mean anything – all 4 digit numbers seem large. 1,960 people favor something – out of 2,000 that’s meaningful, out of 200,000 it’s insignificant. Comparing the size of the structure to size of some homes in Highland Park is also a meaningless observation. It is all about context and if readers are worried about the size of this building, they should visit Rosewood and check out the footprint and location for themselves. As for the other issues that have been raised over the past few months (high water, grant restrictions, parking, etc.), I assume that the PDHP Commissioners are competent enough to complete the due diligence necessary to properly evaluate these concerns. Assuming these issues can be managed satisfactorily and that the Commissioners have faith in the usage projections, the PDHP should go ahead with the project
David Greenberg August 20, 2012 at 03:31 PM
I disagree that making a comparison of the size of the structure to some homes in HP is meaningless. Indeed, it gives the reader a point of reference for such comparison. Some people may not have the time to visit Rosewood Beach, and the photos I've attached to this article may be of help to them. This isn't a shed or small structure by any means. Rather, the Park District wants to build a 1960 sq ft HOUSE at the beach vis a vis the Ferris Bueler garage style. 3 walls of glass. Heated. Air conditioned. Essentially at the base of the bluff in a location that's too close to the water's edge.


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