Turelli Looks Like A Winner In 58th District Republican Primary

Campaign claims an "impressive victory."


Though the race isn't officially over, it looks like  will probably win the .

With all of the precincts in Lake and Cook counties reporting, . She leads Neerhof in both counties, with 238 votes to his 222 in Cook County and 4,518 to his 3,976 in Lake.

The winner will face  in the general election. Drury was endorsed by State Rep. Karen May (D-Highland Park), 

"We're not out of it," Neerhof's campaign manager Mick Paskiewicz told Patch Tuesday night. He said the campaign would wait for early and absentee votes to be counted before Neerhof would concede the race.

Neerhof, a 53-year-old Lake Forest resident and obstetrician, told a group of supporters at Conway Farms Golf Club in Lake Forest that a win was "unlikely."

"These results are not what we hoped," Neerhof said.

An 'impressive victory'

Turelli, 40, was expected to spend election night at the Graffiti Grill in Lake Bluff, but did not attend because she was at a special meeting for the Lake Forest Park Board that went late. The Lake Forest resident is a member of the Lake Forest Parks and Recreation Board.

Though neither Turelli nor her campaign manager Mark Shaw returned Patch's calls, Shaw sent a lengthy text message to Patch at around 11 p.m. Tuesday.

"I have no comment for the Highland Park Patch on Mrs. Turelli's impressive victory against an unprecedented negative and defamatory campaign against her by her opponent and your propaganda pamphlet," the text read.

The "propaganda pamphlet" Shaw refers to is presumably an article Patch ran in February that explained how 

Neerhof told Patch he would support Turelli's candidacy in the general election if she wins the primary.

"I think a vote for a Democrat is a vote for (Illinois Speaker of the House) Michael Madigan," Neerhof said. 

Neerhof added he was disappointed in the . There were 19,000 early votes cast four years ago and only 11,000 cast this year, according to Lake County Clerk Willard Helander.

"I don't think people understand the severity of what we face as a nation," Neerhof said.

Some of Neerhof's supporters said they would throw their support behind Turelli if she wins the primary as well.

"I will support a Republican candidate regardless of who they are," said Lake Forest resident Dr. Richard Janson. He agreed with Neerhof that getting rid of Madigan was a priority.

"No Republican bill will ever get heard so long as he is Speaker," Janson said.

Schneider, Morrison win

In other election news, to become the candidate who will run against to represent the 10th District in November.

“I knew we could do something special,” Schneider told supporters Tuesday night. “We did this with character integrity and class.”

won the

"There's no time for a learning curve," Morrison, , told supporters Tuesday. "I'm going to go to Springfield and be a leader for you." 

, Morrison's opponent in the general election, said the decision in November would be "an incredibly clear choice" for voters. The  ran unopposed for the Republican nomination.

A small crowd stood outside of Graffiti Grill late Tuesday night, celebrating a win for Keith Brin, who won the Republican primary race for Lake County Circuit Court Clerk. He commended the Lake County Clerk Office for a smooth day of voting and the speedy delivery of polling results.

"We had all our results by 8:30 p.m.," Brin said. "It was really remarkable."

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Mark L. Shaw March 23, 2012 at 02:59 AM
Why is that? I mean Axelrod was a "journalist" before becoming a political hatchet man.
Mother of 4 March 23, 2012 at 11:34 AM
My only comment to all of this is we are all sick of negative campaign strategies. I know so many people who voted for Lauren Turelli not only because she has integrity and character but because the negative campaign Neerhof ran was such a turn off, we failed to know anything about him other than that he was another "basher". We are all sick of it. Good luck Lauren. I am one of many who are looking forward to seeing the good things you can accomplish.
Ed Brill March 23, 2012 at 02:09 PM
Maybe because the evidence of the misrepresentation didn't come out until late in this campaign cycle. And what university sues people for misrepresenting their credentials? The burden of proof, Mr. Shaw, is on you, and so far your arguments here fail to address the quote from the University itself. Maybe you could hire someone in the UK to do the records search. The issue likely won't go away between now and November.
Mark L. Shaw March 23, 2012 at 02:21 PM
Brill: A responsible "journalist" would have printed the other side of the story, as Nelson promised he would do but didn't, before defaming someone. Apparently, you are no better than Nelson. But, what can we expect from a "journalist" from a company that also owns the "yellow" tabloid, The Huffington Post?
Ed Brill March 23, 2012 at 02:29 PM
You've written two dozen responses here but I still don't see what the other side of the story actually is. You wrote that she studied and was given a "trust me" verbal direction from the University that she had completed the studies and earned the degree. The University themselves did not confirm this when contacted by Patch, apparently. The credential used to appear on Turelli's list of accomplishments. Either it was earned or it wasn't. The University says it wasn't.


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