Setting New Goals for 2013!

Goal Setting for 2013!

As I was writing my New Years resolution this morning a new email arrived in my inbox from one of my own coaches, Rachel Cosgrove. In her newest blog post Rachel talks about "Your Journey" and taking inventory of where you are on your journey and where you want to go in the next year.

Rachel's words got me thinking about 2013 and my New Year's Resolution in new light. Instead of creating one massive life altering resolution (and one that I will probably be very unlikely to stick with) like...get in "fitness model" shape, or... completely cut sugar out of my life forever, what if instead I map out my resolution as a journey throughout the year, breaking it down into monthly goals?... a more user-friendly version of the typical New Year's resolution.

So my new New Year's resolution is structured like this.

I have created smaller goals, incorporating new goals on the first day of each month while maintaining the previous month's goal. I will use my monthly goals as an itinerary of sorts that will aid me in knowing where I am heading throughout the year. 

My goals are organized into three categories: Fitness/Nutrition, Business and Family life. I have created one goal per month for each category By the end of the year I will have worked on 36 smaller resolutions, which will help propel me down the path to what I really want...  to feel better and look better, to make a difference in other peoples lives and to grow a happy family!

Is your New Year's resolution user-friendly? If not, consider what you really want in the next year and develop an itinerary of smaller goals to create a successful journey throughout 2013. Try using this SMART goal plan that I came across while preparing for my Whole30 challenge (which completing successfully is my nutrition goal for January). 

  • S is for Specific. "Work out more" is an airy goal, hard to wrap your arms around. "Walk outside for 30 minutes a day, 3 days a week" gives you something to really visualize, and measure.
  • M is for Measurable. Make sure you have a means to measure your success. Ask yourself, "How much?" "How many?" and "How often?"
  • A is for Attainable. Create a goal you can actually accomplish in a healthy manner, given your current context. "I will exercise for an hour every day during my Whole30" is probably not realistic. Don't set yourself up to fail for aiming too high - stretch goals are good, but make sure they're still do-able.
  • R is for Relevant. If your big-picture goal is to make your body healthier, signing up for a fun baking class may not be the best path. Your goals should all support each other, so think big-picture, and save fun-but-not-as-relevant goals for another time.
  • T is for Timely. Make sure your efforts have a set beginning and end point. We'll do that for you... start each goal by saying, "By the end of my Whole30 program, I will have..." 

I will write more about the Whole30 challenge in my next fit tip!

Good luck with your goal setting and remember the key to success is progress, not perfection. If you have a setback along your journey don't give up, press the reset button and keep moving onward!

Your coach,


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