109 Board Hikes Tax Levy

In other business, changes are revealed for Deerfield middle school schedules.

An increase in the real estate tax levy assessed by the Deerfield Public Schools District 109 Board of Education of potentially more than five percent was unanimously approved at Monday’s regularly scheduled meeting.

The hike means the owner of a home worth $475,000 last year which is now worth $451,250 this year could pay an additional $174 annually in property taxes based on information contained in a 39-page report made available to the public at the meeting.

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School Board President Ellen London explained the uncertainty over what the Illinois General Assembly will do over its long standing failure to fund teacher pensions along with the need to utilize the potential to increase revenue in the face of that insecurity was a major contributing factor to the increase.

“We don’t know if the legislature is going to put the burden on us,” London said. “Whatever we don’t take now will be lost forever.” The Board is limited by state law in the amount it can increase the levy each year. It cannot recoup what was available in past years it did not capture.

Deerfield resident Marshall Hector expressed the same fear of the unknown when he asked the Board to keep taxes in place and utilize cost cutting instead. He is feeling pinched by declining real estate values and increased taxes.

“Mr. (Illinois House of Representatives Speaker Michael) Madigan (D-Chicago) and his cronies will transfer the pension problem to the school districts but they won’t give us any tax relief,” Hector said. “Grass roots activism starts here. We ask that you work hard, use zero-based budgeting.”

London explained the Board had been combining jobs and reducing costs wherever it could for the past nine years since the last referendum. “We’ve been using zero based budgeting,” she said. “We said (then) we wouldn’t do anything for six years and it’s been nine.”

Modification Coming for Middle School Schedules and More

In other action, the Board heard a report from representatives of Shepard and Caruso Middle Schools about plans to increase the intimacy of the academic experience by developing teams of students and teachers in the core subjects of math, science, social studies and language arts.

The Board also heard reports about the community survey, progress in the search for a replacement for retiring Superintendent Renee Goier and an update of the Strategic Plan. Patch will have more detailed stories later this week on the middle school schedule changes and other issues.

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Wyatt Gardner November 14, 2012 at 07:13 AM
Brad Schneider the faux "small business owner" who stole the election from Robert Dold is responsible for allowing school boards to do crazy things like this without a referendum.
Wyatt Gardner November 14, 2012 at 07:23 AM
Finally, in 1970 Illinois adopted a new constitution which designated any municipality with a population greater than 25,000 as a home rule unit, securing for Chicago the power to handle most municipal matters without seeking permission from Springfield. With the assent of the local electorate, less populous municipalities could choose home rule status, and the first to do so were the Cook County communities of McCook, Bedford Park, Rosemont, Countryside, and Stone Park. Deerfield's population is under 25k it's just over 18k so home rule doesn't apply
hhhh001 November 14, 2012 at 12:51 PM
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John Russillo November 14, 2012 at 01:43 PM
You mean like authorizing 12% raises for some of the administrators? Allowing gas purchases on the taxpayer's dime? Requiring administrators to get their PhD's on the taypayer's dime? Are you actually saying that they should reign in spending before asking for a tax increase?
MSB November 14, 2012 at 04:12 PM
@ Eagle, courtesy of our wonderful board, their D109 administrator friends already have a 401K equivalent-- a 403b-- ON TOP of their pensions with generous annual contributions of around $15,000 each year. This should make you do a double take on the double dip. And as John mentioned before, the average raise for administrators was 6% with some receiving 12% this year. You’ve got to wonder what is going on!! And the board claims that they are keeping costs neutral?


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