D46 Board Member Seeking County Board had Prior Arrests Under Another Name

Published reports say Michael Carbone, a Grayslake District 46 board member who is seeking election to Lake County Board District 16, had prior arrests under a different last name.

According to published reports, outspoken Grayslake District 46 board member Michael Carbone, who is running against Democratic incumbent Terry Wilke for his Lake County Board District 16 seat, had prior arrests under the last name of Jorudd.

According to a story in today's Lake County News-Sun, Carbone "racked up criminal arrests and charges that include driving on a suspended license, criminal trespass to property, assault and two DUI charges."

The Daily Herald reports that Carbone, who has not denied the charges, pleaded guilty to reckless driving in Fox Lake as part of a negotiated deal on Aug. 8, 2006. 

Carbone told Patch on Friday he does not deny the arrests, but said the issue with his last name is a non-issue that has "been blown out" by the daily newspapers, and that most people in the district know he had changed his name.

Carbone said he, his wife and children changed their last name from Jorudd to Carbone in 2009, in honor of his grandfather, who adopted and raised him after his biological father died in a fire.

Jorudd had been Carbone's stepfather's name.

"I never hid anything. All of my (nominating) petitions have had both my names on it," said Carbone.

As for his arrest record, Carbone does not deny it. He noted his 2006 DUI charge was thrown out, but acknowledged he plead guilty to reckless driving.

"It's all true, and I have been open about it."

Carbone said he does not expect these "revelations" to hurt his election campaign. "If it does, it does."

"I never claimed I was perfect."

Though there will always be those who don't like him or what he stands for, Carbone said he still has many supporters.

On his Website, Carbone, 39, of Round Lake, identifies himself as a family man with four kids who has his own small business, the Carbone Group, for seven years.

Carbone, a 1991 graduate of Antioch Community High School, is a real estate broker and tax appeal consultant, according to his Website.

He has cited job growth, property taxes and government transparency as his reasons for running for county board.

Carbone was a write-in candidate for District 46 in 2009. His term ends in April 2013.

As a school board member, Carbone has been outspoken about district transparency and ethics; increased spending and property taxes; whether the board should hire an attorney to sit in on meetings; the superintendent's contract; and the budget deficit.

Last month, it was revealed that Carbone had a complaint lodged against him by two district employees accusing him of harassing them over not wanting to pay his daughter's school registration fee. Carbone was also censured by the board last spring.

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Benjamin Dover October 30, 2012 at 07:31 PM
Oh Lennie you are so clever. The real laugh will come on election day...I doubt his showing will be as pathetic as your primary showing was, but it will be pathetic none the less. By the way...your boy changed his name in 2009, yet in November 2009, when he filed forms as the Treasurer of Chris Geissler's embarassingly inept campaign, he did so as Michael Jorudd...what gives? And oh yeah, he failed to follow FEC campaign disclosure laws which resulted in Geissler's campaigned being fined. So no Lennie...thank you, your wife and Michael for the laugh today. One last thing...still waiting for you to back up your statements that a sitting Lake County Judge interfered with a State's Atty investigation and what exactly she said to "assassinate" Mr. Carbone's character.
Lennie Jarratt October 31, 2012 at 01:12 AM
I understand that many of you claim to want D46 to change, yet you won't stand up in public at a board meeting and tell the board and administration to stop the unethical and criminal behavior. I also understand many of you want me to stop uncovering and informing others about these very same activities. Some of you have told me to leave town, get run out on a rail, or just go away; so you continue to attack me, and sometimes my family, personally. As I have said several times before, I will not be intimidated or threatened into stopping uncovering these behaviors. If you want me to stop, then I will ask you again to step up to the plate and help me clean up the district. Until then, I will continue uncovering and informing others on the situation. Education is to important for it to be derailed by personal agendas, nepotism, insider hiring, and criminal behavior. The children, parents and taxpayers cannot afford these current Gang of 4 and Administration behaviors.
Benjamin Dover October 31, 2012 at 01:54 AM
still waiting for you to back up your statements that a sitting Lake County Judge interfered with a State's Atty investigation and what exactly she said to "assassinate" Mr. Carbone's character. You cry that some "continue to attack me"...yet you've made very serious accusations against a sitting judge with absolutely no proof...talk about attacking. Nice try at the classic misdirection...now backup your statements with regard to Judge Mullen.
John November 09, 2012 at 03:31 PM
Hey Lennie, Give it up. If Carbone was a democrat/liberal you would be all over his case. I'm very suprised you went to the extreme to protect a guy like Carbone. Carbone past record is just too much. wow-
LMJ November 09, 2012 at 04:09 PM
Hey John, If Carbone was a democrat/liberal you would be praising him as a success story, like this truly is. Grow up. People change and have life pivoting moments.


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