HPHS Principal Resigns; Search Begins for New One

Brad Swanson has accepted a position with the Glenbrook North and South school district.

Principal Brad Swanson at a ceremony this winter welcoming back Olympian Jason Brown. Credit: Lorraine Swanson
Principal Brad Swanson at a ceremony this winter welcoming back Olympian Jason Brown. Credit: Lorraine Swanson

Highland Park High School Principal Brad Swanson is stepping down after accepting a job with nearby District 225.

Swanson, who has been principal for six years, will leave the job July 1, according to a press release from the district. He will become the assistant superintendent for human resources at District 225, which is comprised of Glenbrook North and Glenbrook South high schools.

“Brad's relationship with students and staff has created a close-knit learning community that strives to meet the needs of all students,” the release states. “He is a talented educator who will continue to serve students and families effectively.”

District 113 will begin the search for his replacement immediately.

“The District is confident that the principal position at HPHS is a desirable role and that many qualified candidates will show interest in this opportunity,” the release says.

Are you sorry to see Mr. Swanson go? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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RRR April 16, 2014 at 10:33 AM
Enrique H - someone said promote the Assistant Principal and not replace him, meaning then he would be doing both jobs without any support, which for anyone would be ridiculous. YOu have no idea how much that job entails, from my perspective - aside the Academics and running of the schools, they also are involved with the police and any kids who run afoul of the law, deaths, murders as we just saw last year where 2 kids in that school were involved with killing someone - that is alot to handle for one person without an Assistant Principal. Also, if no Assistant Principal, what happens should the replacement principal drop dead or quit? Let his secretary take over?
Enrique H. April 16, 2014 at 02:04 PM
RRR, Highland Park has 2 assistant principals. The other poster suggested to promote Mr. Koulentiis to principal and let the other assistant principal take up what Mr. Koulentis's assistant principal responsibilities were instead of hiring a new, 2nd assistant principal. The idea was that having 2 A.P's is not efficient and that the $150,000+ bucks a year could be spent elsewhere. As I've said, Tom Koulentis is one of the hardest working people at H.P. The guy gets to the school early and leaves late more often than not. So it would be a lot to take up his responsibilities, but they could be divided among any number of individuals at H.P. that don't work as hard as he works.
RRR April 21, 2014 at 08:10 AM
I got an email the music teachers were saved and there will be no loss on the music program so perhaps this worked out.
Carl Lambrecht April 21, 2014 at 04:43 PM
Good to hear that the music teacher was saved. Tonight the school board meeting will take place in Highland Park High School at 7:30 PM. I wished the administration could have done this without the parents and students having to tell how important education is for our students. Why is the board meeting taking place in Highland Park High School tonight rather than the administration building.
Alexa Raye April 30, 2014 at 04:50 PM
Was there any counter offer to keep Mr. Swanson? He is the best thing to happen to that high school in a long time. He knew kids by name, showed up at all events and was truly a part of the community. It was great that he lives here so he has a vested interest in our schools. He elevated kids who normally would sail under the radar and truly was a 'mensch'. It's a shame the board of education couldn't come up with incentives to keep him in our community. It's our loss, but we wish him well.


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