Referendum Campaign Picks up as Early Voting Opens

Patch reviews all coverage of the plan to renovate Highland Park and Deerfield High Schools.

Ever since the Township High School District 113 Board of Education voted Jan. 14 to place an $89 million referendum on the April 9 ballot to help fund a $114 million renovation of Highland and Deerfield High Schools, there has been no shortage of opinion.

Before the Board made its decision, citizens were engaged with numerous meetings and six different committees involving members of the community at large as well as teachers and administration since shortly after a $133 million referendum failed two years ago.

The debate mounted the last week with the start of early voting and a blog on Patch. Take a look what has been written since the Board vote in January, including letters to the editor and blogs expressing personal opinions.

  • Early Voting Brisk in Deerfield
  • District 113 Referendum Encounters Stiff Opposition
  • Readers Say Yes to $89 Million Referendum
  • Highland Park Architect Supports 113 Referendum
  • How Did Education First Assemble Its Plan
  • Where Do You Stand on the $89 Million Referendum
  • All District 113 Candidates Support Referendum
  • Can District 113 Pay Its Own Way To Fix the Schools
  • Deerfield Rotarians Hear Debate Over District 113 Referendum
  • District 113 Offering Facility Tours Tied to Upcoming Referendum
  • Referendum Addresses Critical Need
  • Retired District 113 Teacher Oppose Referendum
  • Simply Uninformed of Intentionally Misleading Get the Facts on the 113 Referendum
  • Letter to the Editor: Is 113 Board Misleading Voters
  • Debate Continues on D113’s 89M Referendum
  • Is the District 113 Referendum Choice Clear
  • League of Women Voters Endorses 113 Referendum
  • History Repeats Itself in District 113
  • 113 Board Votes on $89 Million Referendum Monday
  • Former 113 Adversaries Still Wary
  • District 113 Leadership Team Presents Findings
  • Resignation Shatters Calm on 113 Project

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Walter (Tripp) Hainsfurther April 01, 2013 at 04:11 PM
So, for the record, here is what the survey said, according to the notes from the Market Research study group: 85% of the "no" voters voted so becasue it (the first referendum) was percieved as having to many "nice to have" school improvements that do not make sense in these economic times." It also states that the community wants more than just the basics. We were told numerous times that the community wanted justification for the problems, not a pre-concieved dollar amount. In the end, we did come up with a dollar amount that we felt solved the problems in a way that provided value. Results also said that the community was willing to support a tax increase if they felt it provided value. As far as you are concerned, AK, it's OK you don't trust me, but what about the 100 or so other citizens who were involved in this effort? I guess we're all circumspect while you are just pure.
AK April 01, 2013 at 07:00 PM
Tripp, 1 against 100 YES men (some blind squirrels, some pure communists, some WS haters, some under water and ran out of options, some are looking for business, some are looking for board seat) is a great position to be in.
forest barbieri April 01, 2013 at 08:03 PM
I am pleased to report that I saw Walter and AK at early voting this morning and they told me that they decided that logic, kids and our community have changed their minds and that they were both voting YES! Happy April 1! Take time to Vote YES between now and April 9th! Our kids and community deserve your YES vote.
AK April 01, 2013 at 08:26 PM
Uncle Forest goes nuts. Okay, I will vote yes after you meet my following conditions 1)clean up the dead wood in 109 and 112 2)clean up the dead wood in 113 3)consolidate 109, 112 and 113 into one district 4)clean up the dead wood of consolidated district 5)improve the curriculum up to the level of Republic of Kazakhstan 6)re-train the teachers and get rid of the dead wood. 7)after 1-6 gets accomplished u can build one sport complex for all schools - somewhere near I-41 and Park Ave would work 8) involve kids in swimming as early as 1st grade 9)job preparation is a must in HS for those who want to skip the college. We do have great teachers, not too many, really, but we can find more in Montessori system, perhaps. This would be the best school district in the country. HP and Deerfield home values would improve faster than everywhere. RE taxes will fall. Commerce will bloom again. little Ken will be able to finally dump his house. Happy people everywhere except for Tripp - he won't like it, trust me. Booyah!!!! Kill this dog referendum already!
Walter White April 01, 2013 at 09:25 PM
Really? Were you the d-bag using big words and telling everyone how much property you own? Just kidding! Happy April 1st!


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