Local Skaters Place at U.S. Championships

Members of the Skokie Valley Skating Club competed and placed at the U.S. Skating Championships.

Seven figure skaters, all who train at the Skokie Valley Skating Club in Wilmette, competed and placed at the recent U.S. Competition. The competition was held in Omaha, Nebraska between Jan. 20 and Jan. 27. 

The skaters who participated are:

  • Jason Brown, who graduated from Highland Park High School, competed in the Senior Men's division and earned 8th place.
  • Brian Krentz, a senior at New Trier High School and a Glencoe resident, placed 8th in the Junior Men's division. 
  • Eric Stinehart, a freshman at New Trier High School and a Wilmette resident, won silver in the Intermediate Men's division. 
  • Tory Patsis and her partner Joseph Johnson won silver in Novice Dance. 
  • Danny O'Shea competed in Senior Pairs with Tarah Kayne, and they earned 7th place. 

"The U.S. Championships was such an incredible experience," Krentz said of the experience. "It will be one of my most memorable moments in life, because I was so happy with how I skated and doing such great performances in such an incredible venue. ... Not only was my own skating memorable, but seeing all the top Senior-level skaters was breathtaking" 

This was Krentz's second year competing at Nationals, he competed there last year in the Novice Men's competition. 

Brown, who was selected to compete at the Junior World Championships in Milan at the end of February, loves the feeling you get when skating.

"My favorite thing about skating is the feeling of gliding and how you can be still while you're still moving," he said. "I love performing in front of a crowd. I also love the process of training for an event."

Erin Krentz, Brian Krentz mother, attended the championship.

"Brian is a great example of a skater who has shown tremendous dedication and effort in practice, and the reward is demonstrated in his performances at major competitions," she said. "As a parent, I am so proud of him and totally amazed at what he can do on the ice."

For more information on the Skokie Valley Skating Club, visit them online here

Dayna Lynn Hardin February 13, 2013 at 06:03 AM
Great job Skokie valley skating club members!


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