Look Who's Tweeting: Jason Brown's Ponytail

'Woah! I'm just a normal ponytail tweeting about my life I never expected this much attention!' it Tweeted. The ponytail account has more than 700 followers.

Highland Park's Jason Brown has plenty of admirers in his hometown and his legion of fans has been growing steadily since he wowed spectators with his Riverdance routine at the U.S. Figure Skating Championships last month. 

Now the adoration has taken an unusual turn for the Olympic figure skater: his distinctive ponytail has its own Twitter feed.

The ponytail (which we're pretty certain isn't actual Brown's hair writing, but a creative fan of his) has been Tweeting about Brown's trip to Russia and its excitement about the upcoming competition. "Jason's Ponytail" has more than 700 followers so far. 

"Idk why sassy hair flips aren't already choreographed into Jason's programs, why not showcase me when you can???," the ponytail writes in one post.

"Woah! I'm just a normal ponytail tweeting about my life I never expected this much attention!" it writes in another.

A sign of how much attention the ponytail is getting: the real Jason Brown is one of its followers.

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